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So this is the second to last chapter! I am so excited about this coming to an end, but extremely sad at the same time!
Jinhwan Pov
“ I can't believe she just turned her phone off like that, and disappeared without a trace.” I complained for the millionth time as we made our way into the Yg building. “ Hey Jinnie! Guys!” Mino smiled waving us over. “ What's up Hyung?” Bobby asked faking a smile. “ Have you guys heard the rumour about the ghost actress that joined Yg?” He quickly went on explaining how she never says a word unless she is acting on screen or so the rumour goes. “ But what makes it weird is who her manger is.” Taehyun said finally finding his chance to join the conversation.
“ That's right I almost forgot they say that Kwon Jiyong Hyung is her manger weird right!” He gushed as seven pairs of eyes flew towards him. “ Wait as in G – dragon Hyung?” June asked already thinking what everyone else was. “ Yeah that's what is so weird about the entire thing, and she never talks to anyone. She only shows up when it's time to record then leaves right after with Hyung.” Mino said full of wonder before a smirk appeared on his face. “ That is why we are sneaking into the building to see who she is anyone want to come?” He beamed as if he has came up with the best plan in the world. “ Sorry Mino Hyung, but I have things to do.” Bobby quickly said running away followed by Hanbin who also refused his offer. “ What's gotten into them?” Taehyun asked baffled as everyone's faces turned sour. “ If this is the person we think it's a good reason for them to stay away.” June muttered before turning to follow Mino who had already headed for the door.
“ So Hyung how exactly are we supposed to get inside?” I asked looking towards Mino just as someone called us from the door telling us to hurry. “ I have my ways Jinnie.” Mino beamed proudly as we made our way into the small building. “ Just stay out of sight guys.” They stressed leaving us in the shadows while we waited. “ The Ghost is here.” We heard some of the other people in the build murmur as two people made their way into the building. “ Wait that is Y/n!” Mino almost yelled, but thankfully Taehyun was able to muffle the sound as his hands quickly flew to Mino's mouth. “ I knew it.” I hissed as my hopes were crushed at the sight of her. “ Guys she doesn't look like herself she honestly looks like a ghost just what the hell happened?!” Taehyun spat looking towards us for answers we didn't have. “ Ah I see everyone discovered our little secret.” Jiyong smiled as they got closer, but her eyes never left the ground. “ Noona what happened?!” Chanwoo all but yelled quickly getting her attention as she looked horrified jumping behind Jiyong. “ Y/n?” Mino questioned as her eyes took in everyone who was standing there before quickly shaking her head.
“ Sorry to spoil your fun boys, but she won't talk also we are a little busy.” He smiled gently nudging Y/n towards the dressing room. “ What do you mean my sister doesn't talk? Jiyong what is going on with my sister.” Chanwoo demanded as she looked towards him wistfully before looking towards Jiyong questioningly. “ Fine guys follow us quickly.” He sighed leading everyone into the dressing room before anyone could see. “ Okay spill when did this happen?” Chanwoo demanded as soon as the doors were closed. Just then Y/n rushed into his arms as she soundlessly sobbed. “ She hasn't said a word since we got to Korea and met with the boss man.” Jiyong said unable to look towards anyone as the guilt was written upon his face.
“ If you idiots would of let us talk to her she wouldn't be like this!” June yelled as he gently pulled her out of Chanwoo's arms and into his own. “ Koo Junhwe it isn't like that I shouldn't be allowed to be around anyone all I do is bring destruction.” Her voice whispered so softly if you weren't paying attention you would of missed it. “ Why exactly does she think this way Hyung?!” I finally yelled as I watched June's arms tighten around her. “ Well... What exactly did Hanbin tell you guys?” He carefully asked as his eyes fell upon Y/n who was frozen. “ You know actually never mind this isn't the time or place.” He sighed just as there was a soft knock on the door for cue calling. And just like nothing ever happened she was completely composed as she made her way towards the set. “ What the hell has happened since she left?!” Mino spat as we were forced to leave. “ I am going to kill Hanbin and Bobby.” Taehyun scoffed running ahead of us to find them. “ This is going to end badly if we don't stop him.” Mino sighed before running after Taehyun as we all quickly followed suit.
Bobby Pov
“ So if we add this here..” I started to say to Hanbin just as Taehyun came rushing into our practice room looking pissed. “ What the hell did you do to Y/n?!” He yelled just as everyone else came rushing into the room. “ Wait what are you talking about?” I questioned not sure what he was talking about as my eyes went to Hanbin who was avoiding all eye contact. “ Don't act like you don't know!” He hissed heading our way just as Mino wrapped his arms around his waist. “ Hey calm down.” He whispered softly as Taehyun fought to keep his cool.
Just before Taehyun could say another word there was a soft knock on our door as one of the staff members escorted in a very familiar girl. “ Ah Wow Korea is so different.” The girl smiled as her eyes landed on us. “ Akira? What are you doing here?!” I heard Yunhyeong exclaim as her face flushed. “ Well I haven't been able to get in touch with Y/n in months, and well I got worried also the way she left was to fishy.” She rambled on as something in her words caught me off guard.
“ Wait what do you mean left? Also what do you mean you haven't talked to her isn't she in Japan?” I stumbled over my words as Taehyun could only glare towards us. “ Wait you mean she didn't tell you? She has been in Korea since after that concert we met up at the coffee shop. The director said they shot all her scenes that night until around 8 in the morning then she caught a plane back to Korea.” Akira said now genuinely confused and worried as she looked around towards everyone. “ Wait as in the night that Bobby and Hanbin went missing in Japan?” Donghyuk said mortified as he counted the months. “ Wait you guys honestly didn't know she was here, but she even said she was allowed to talk to you guys again, and not to worry about her in her last text.” She said desperately looking through her texts until she found the one she was looking for showing everyone.
“ Guys what the hell is going on!” I finally said not understanding a single word that was being said. “ Are you that stupid? Y/n has been in Korea for the past 5 months. She told little missy here that she was okay because she had you guys. She has completely shut herself down to the point she can't even talk unless she is acting, all while completely cutting off any form of communication with everyone!” Taehyun exploded as his face was now a deep scarlet from yelling as everyone stood there to shocked to say a single word. “ Y/n did what?” I asked stupidly as I pictured her beautiful face full of tears the last time I saw her.
“ Where is Jiyong Oppa he has to know what's going on?” Akira innocently asked as all eyes went towards her. “ Okay I have been nice, but who exactly are you?” Mino sighed glaring towards her annoyed. “ Oh I am so sorry My name is Akira, and Y/n is my best friend I have been with her the entire time she was in Japan. I got worried after not hearing from her, and with her birthday coming up in a few weeks I wanted to check on her.” She said nervously while fidgeting with a bracelet on her wrist. “ Is it already that time...” Hanbin spoke up for the first time as all eyes flew to him.
“ Binnie you are hiding something from us aren't you.” I stated already knowing the answer as his eyes filled with tears. “ They said she would be able to come home.” He cried looking towards me with such remorse I had to choke back my own tears. “ I am so sorry Bobby, but that night it wasn't what it seemed. I forced it on her.” He whimpered as his words felt like knives. “ You... You.. You Did what?!” I yelled grabbing him by the collar. “ They said if I did that she would be able to come home, and lift the ban where we could return to how it used to be!” Hanbin screamed as tears fell down his face. “ They said she could come home Bobby!!” He frantically yelled trying to drive his point home. “ What home Binnie remember her parents are gone.” Chanwoo said as the room fell silent once again.
“ She would of had us.” He whispered more to himself as I let him collapse to the ground. “ But she has been alone blaming herself Binnie.” I sighed walking out of the room as I made my way to the one spot that never changed no matter how many years had passed.
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oh poor Hanbin, he was just trying to do the right thing 😢
😅 poor binnie...