I couldn't believe it. Why was she here? How? Y/n, of course, didn't know what her real identity was. She went over to Sae Young (criminal) and y/n let out her hand. Sae Young smiled, and she grabbed her hand. "Hi, my name is y/n. I'll be happy to work with you here." "Thanks for welcoming me dr.y/n. My name is Gayoung." Gayoung? I got it now. She faked her identity. But, how did she- Oh yeah, she took the same classes as me. Thankfully, not with y/n. "Dr.Kim, Aren't you going to welcome the new nurse?" Y/n asked smiling. "Uh.. Yeah.." I didn't let out a hand. She was too disgusting to touch. "Hi, my name is Kim Tae Hyung. Nice to meet you nurse GAYOUNG." I emphasized the 'gayoung' part, so she could at least feel guilty in a way. "Hello, doctor kim. It's really nice to meet you. Do you think we can get along?" "...sure" She was brilliant at acting. That's how she was. Good at things in an evil way. The way she smiled at me with those devilish eyes were the same. Her insane mind led her all the way here. I quickly walked to my office. Looking at her was a pain. I suddenly heard a whisper. "Did you miss me?" I held my breath for a while, and I was able to feel all the hair of my body go up. Goosebumps every where. Her breath made me shriek. I turned around. "How did you get here?" I clenched my teeth out of anger. "How do you think I got here?" she tilted her head, drawing my attention to her words. "I got out of jail of course. And then, I got some friends to help me fake my identity." She whispered all of this, probably too scared to reveal the truth to anyone. "And then, I sent a job application to here, and I made it in." I let out a deep breath, and closed my eyes from anxiety. She playfully giggled. "What are you so afraid of?" And then her eyes changed from mocking to revenge filled hate. I felt something tickling up my spine. "Me? Or that I might hurt your sweetie?" I looked straight at her eyes. "Don't you dare." "Oh, don't get too feisty yet, I won't hurt her right away. I have to.. play with her a little bit." And she left. Walking like she had the whole world under her feet. I saw y/n talking to another male doctor. I wasn't gonna let that slide. I interrupted their talk. "Hey, dr.y/n, can you come to my office?" "Uh... Yeah, let me just finish telling him something." And I stood there waiting for her to come with me. As we walked to the office y/n started her nagging. "What was that about? What if he notices? Are you really jealous that I talked to him? I mean, I've seen you talk to the nurses before but I didn't say anything? Did I? Huh? Huh?" "Y/n! I get it.. But you're too pretty.. What if someone just snatches you away from me?" She laughed and hit me lightly on the arm. She covered her face from embarrassment. "Aing~ oppa~" We went into my office. "Why did you need me anyway?" I started to think if I should tell her about Sae Young.. I mean gayoung.. But I didn't want to kill her joy. "I just wanted to spend some quality time with you~" And I back hugged her. She smiled and grabbed my hands hugging her waist. "Ah~ this is really nice. You being here with me, us in the same hospital, and we love eachother." I rested my head on her shoulder. "I love being here y/n. I really do." Later in the night, I walked over to the locker room for surgery. When I opened my locker, I found a picture fall out. Y/n. On the back, I WILL KILL. That psychopath. I quickly ran to the dormitory where y/n was. She wasn't there. To the nurses She wasn't found. To the roof. There she was. "Y/n-ah!" I called her. She turned around, and I saw another person right across from her. Ahn Sae Young.
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