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"There is no good or right or wrong. There is only power...and those too weak to seek it. And I've been seeking power all my life."
Name: Kim Joonmyeon (Suho)
Age: 25
Second in command to Kris, he leads the gang alongside Kris. After learning that his father was killed in a gunfight by a cop he swore his entire existence to the gang. He has a unique relationship with Kris, whose he grown up with after being taken under Kris's father wing. Always seeking power, he is jealous of Kris's position as the leader and believes he would be a much better choice. Though he's dreamed about this, he's never believed he would have a chance to retrieve the power he's always sought. Not until now...
oh damn it's getting real. if they had this as one of their concept when the ot12 was here do you know how hard is be fangirling. I'm fingering just over this I said I was ready but the more that comes out the less ready I am.