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So I am very proud to announce the amazing people who will be helping me with Ikon for Q4 ^_^ as well as announce a new segment we will be doing each week on top of member cards.
First off you can look forward to seeing Chanwoo every Monday with the amazing @PrettieeEmm
And on Tuesday brighten up your day with our sunshine Yoyo along with @xoxorittie
Then to boost you mood up We have our Candy-chan who will be visiting us each Wednesday with the help of our @IsoldaPazo
Every Thursday I will be dying with the help of my favorite person Koo Junhwe SO for those who enjoy my death * You know who you are* You will love Thursday's
To kick off the weekend right our fairy will come visit us each Friday with the help of our @resavalencia
Every Saturday our own @twistedPuppy with help us fully enjoy our Saturday's along with Binnie
To end the Week right I'm very excited to announce That the one and only @Sailynn has agreed to join our team and help bring Kimbap to us each week! <3
ALSO I AM HIGHLY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT EACH FRIDAY WE WILL HAVE AN INSPIRATION DAY! With the help of our very talented members we will be taking turns * only some of us xD* and each week Ikon will bring you inspiration in some form I am very excited to be with you all for Q4 <3
● • Wincircle Squad • ●
Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
still got my baby whoop whoop
if any of u wanna be tagged in TOP Day6 or SimonD stuff let me know.
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Same I would love to be tagged in all 😁
*notes on calendar* and she dies on every Thursday. I won't forget! Don't worry! 😀😀😀
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🖒🖒 got it!!
AHHH!! Jinhwan and that tongue!!!! You are killing me!! 😭😵 This is going to be a great quarter! 😁