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Because Big Bang, the Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Ailee, and Kim Jong Kook all return to TV this month, June seems to become the most competitive month in the world of singers. According to a survey conducted from May 24 to 30 by the music website Monkey 3, netizens have shown greatest expectations for 2NE1 among all these groups. Out of 305 respondents, 61 voted for the group, giving it first place with a 20% approval ratings. Of 2NE1’s songs, “I Am The Best,” “Ugly,” “Lonely,” and “Hate You” ranked in the top 50 (on third, sixth, sixteenth, and twenty-seventh respectively) of the annual chart last year. Because each of the songs has distinctive music and the group’s performances were impressive, 2NE1 was successful in attracting a lot of popularity. Second place on the chart went to Big Bang. On June 3, the group releases its special album Still Alive, which contains five new songs, including “Monster.” The Wonder Girls are planning on returning on the same day with the song “Like This.” They ranked third, earning a 16% approval ratings. Kim Jong Kook placed fourth (15%), and his return after a two-year hiatus is boosting expectations among fans. Ailee (15%) and Lena Park(14%) followed in the rankings, and each of them are popular for showing outstanding skills in KBS 2’s Immortal Classics and for appearing in the original cast of MBC’s I Am A Singer. Source: STARNEWS