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Korean actress Park Han-byul and solo artist Se7en made headlines on Monday afternoon with rumor of their breakup, but they are still together. An official with Park’s agency JF Entertainment told TenAsia that they are “still dating and love each other,” downplaying talk that they had split up even before Se7en entered the military in March. Rumor also said that Park has started dating Korean baseball player Ryu Hyun-jin but the official said they have never met nor know each other’s number. “I don’t know how these [rumors] came about. She already had a hard time dealing with the malicious comments about her and Se7en because of the celebrity soldier scandal,” the official added. Se7en was one of the soldiers serving in the military’s PR unit called the Defense Media Agency (DMA) but recently served time in military jail and was reassigned to a unit on the front line after a local broadcaster caught him and another Sangchu of Mighty Mouth leaving an illegal massage parlor. Most of the soldiers in the now-abolished DMA faced similar but lighter punishments after being found to have carried mobile phones and drinking while eating out, both of which are prohibited of soldiers. Se7en could not be reached for comment since he is in the military and has not signed with an agency since his contract with YG Entertainment ended. Park and Se7en have been dating since 2002 but managed to keep their relationship a secret till 2009. Reporter. Kang Jung-yeon Photographer. Park Jin-soo Editor. Jessica Kim Courtesy of JF Entertainment