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Of them He chose twelve, whom also He named apostles. Jesus was a friend to everybody. Yet He chose twelve men whom He took into very close companionship. These men made up His personal family. He received from them the blessings of friendship, which all men need in their busy life. The chief reason why He chose the twelve, however, was that He might train them, so that when He was gone they could carry on His work. He still went about speaking the words of life to the multitudes, but He gave the most of His time and thought to those He had chosen. They were to be His witnesses, and must see His life and hear His words, in order that they might be capable witnesses. We should note that Jesus spent the whole night in prayer before choosing his friends. In nothing do we need more to pray than when we are choosing our friends and companions. If there was more prayer for wisdom and guidance in the forming of friendships, there would be less regret and fewer heart–burnings afterwards.
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Reasons To Use Influencer Marketing Platforms For Your Promotion and Campaigns
You can utilize social networking sites as an additional research tool to help you learn more about your industry. You can use additional tools to dig into the demographics of your clients after you have a sizable audience. A business that cherishes its customers and takes the time to create a personalized greeting is known as an influencer marketing agency and is automatically regarded favorably. One of the best ways to learn about your customers' requirements and preferences is to be aware of the market, as opposed to engaging with them directly. It is also seen to be its most priceless advantage. By monitoring the activity on your page, you might discover information about customers' interests and perspectives that you might not otherwise be aware of if you didn't have a social networking presence. The many benefits of using influencer marketing platforms for your promotional efforts and business campaigns will be covered in this article. If you haven't already, you might include this strategy in your marketing strategies. To learn more, keep reading. Beneficial Factors In Business Marketing It gives you crucial details about the corporate culture and management style of the organization, as well as how they might help you as a client. Your business should start utilizing social networks as soon as it is feasible given that more than three billion people utilize them each month and that this industry is anticipated to expand even further in the coming years. You need influencers for marketing your business and for promotion for the following reasons: Build Awareness - If people are not aware of your business, they cannot become clients. Through social networking platforms, you may reach a large audience quickly and easily while increasing your visibility to potential customers. Additionally, creating a firm presence on any of the main social media platforms carries no risk. Communicate Authority - Customers are growing more discerning and aware of the businesses they support. Before making a decision, they will rapidly check your website and social media channels. By writing articles about your area of expertise or refining the mission of your business, try to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. By showcasing the products and values of your business, you might be able to gain the trust of potential customers. Show Authenticity - Customers are not interested in businesses that have a corporate, dry tone while posting on social media. Instead, make sure that every piece of material you publish on social networking sites reflects the personality of your company. Encourage Engagement - It happens from time to time that a social media post promoting a pair of shoes receives a lot of likes, comments, and shares. Even complete strangers may be questioned in the feed regarding their shoe orders, shipping times, satisfaction with the shoes, and other details. Grow Affordably - Although social networking sites shouldn't be utilized as a platform for aggressive sales techniques, you shouldn't ignore the opportunity to close deals when it presents themselves since they are useful as a marketing tool. The cornerstones of social networking platforms include shoppable posts, cross-channel retargeting, videos with CTAs, sponsored material on timelines, and videos. Why Promote and Collab With Influencers It provides you with important information about the company's management style and corporate culture, and how they might benefit you as a client. More than three billion individuals use social networks each month worldwide, and since this market is expected to grow even more in the next few years, your company should start utilizing them as soon as possible. The following are some justifications for why social networks are essential for business marketing and promotion: Build Awareness - People cannot become your customers if they are unaware of your company. Social networking sites increase your visibility to potential clients and enable you to reach a huge audience with little time and effort expended. Additionally, there is no risk involved in setting up a company presence on any of the major social media platforms. A fact is that people pay attention to social networking stuff. However, with all the noise from businesses attempting to promote their products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites. It is quite simple for a customer to get overstimulated. In such a saturated market, how can a business provide pertinent content? Communicate Authority - Customers are becoming more knowledgeable and pickier about the companies they support. They will quickly search your website and social media platforms before choosing. Will they discover a barren shop or a wealth of knowledge? Building the authority of your brand through the creation of strong profiles that you regularly update with pertinent content will ensure that you create a favorable first impression on social media, demonstrating that your company is reliable, knowledgeable, and approachable. Look for ways to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field by publishing articles that pertain to your area of expertise or developing the purpose of your organization. You may win over potential clients' trust by demonstrating the services and principles of your company. Show Authenticity - Customers are not interested in companies that post on social networks in a corporate, dry manner. Instead, let the personality of your brand shine through in all of the content you post on social networking platforms. What does the voice of your company sound like? In what ways does it reflect who you are? While brands should be kind and sympathetic to their customers, it is crucial to have a voice and speak up for what you believe in. Practice finding the perfect tone, whether it's informal and humorous or formal and kind. Don't try to be someone you're not; instead, be loyal to who you are. Your social media followers want to see actual individuals behind your pages. Let them see. Encourage Engagement - A social media post marketing a pair of shoes, for example, may occasionally get a lot of likes, comments, and shares. Even strangers might be questioned in the feed about whether they have received their shoes, how long it took for them to arrive, whether they liked them, and other things. Social networking platforms facilitate quick communication, the development of relationships, and client loyalty. According to Josh Krakauer, founder, and CEO of Sculpt, "it's crucial that businesses have the appropriate organizational structure to accommodate social networking sites." A product development team and a customer care team are frequently quite productive. Some business owners find this rapidly changing environment scary because social media platforms are continually offering new capabilities. You do not, however, have to accomplish everything. Try out different approaches to engaging your audience, and allow yourself the freedom to pick up new skills along the way. You may publish several Instagram Stories one day to take customers on a behind-the-scenes tour of your workplace. Next, you may use Facebook Live video streaming to organize a brief Q&A session. You'll develop a better understanding of your followers' tastes with time. Grow Affordably - Yes, social networking sites shouldn't be used as a platform for excessive sales tactics, but since they serve as a marketing tool, you shouldn't pass up the chance to close deals should they arise. The mainstays of social networking platforms include sponsored content on timelines, videos with CTAs, cross-channel retargeting, and shoppable posts. Because marketing expenses can mount up, not every company can afford extensive campaigns. But with social network advertising, you can receive a lot of your money. No matter how big or how much money you have your company. Ads on social sites like Facebook and Instagram, it has the potential to expand your audience and accomplish your goals. Even while engagement is the main focus of networks like Instagram, there are proven strategies to boost sales there. Work With Influencers To Promote Your Business and Products While social networks are not an exact science, the majority of businesses rely on data. You can scroll through advertising, for instance, that shows a picture of a huge scoop of chocolate ice cream melting above a mountain of whipped cream. Without giving it a second thought, you can decide to go to Baskin-Robbins three days later because you were craving a chocolate ice cream scoop. The decision-making process for purchases can be seen to be influenced by social networks in this way with the help of an influencer marketing agency. Most customers believe that it takes several interactions before they make a purchase, and according to Steve Pearson, CEO of Friendemic, "Social networking sites, unlike traditional methods of advertising, maybe infamously tough to measure." They are undoubtedly prevalent on social networking sites and online review sites, but customers might not necessarily refer to them as their most recent interactions when they enter a store. When developing an advertising campaign, be aware of your target market and the goal you aim to accomplish in order to save money on unproductive advertising. Rather than excessively sales-oriented advertisements, use content that educates or entertains.
The Simplest Way To Make The Best of Quote Pictures
How Easy or Difficult to Create Quote Pictures Online? Creating quote pictures may feel like a daunting task but it needn’t be. The key is to get the process in place for creating your content, and then regularly create quotes and share them on Social Media. Today it’s possible for anyone to create good quality quote images for sharing on social media. There are numerous online tools where anyone can create quote pictures, branded ideally. Software and apps are available that allow you to do this from your desktop or mobile device. Most of these tools for creating quote pictures offer a free version. More on that in a moment. For this post, the focus is on creating pictures or images similar to those in the samples above, with quotes, tips, or other snippets of text, along with a high-quality photo, image, or background, and your unique branding. The first thing you need to decide on is what quote(s), tip(s), or other snippets of text you will put on the shareable picture(s) you are creating. Think less is more when deciding on what to share. You want the text to be large enough to read and short enough to be digestible almost at a glance. If you want to create a quote daily and want to share it with a writer’s community then share and create a quote with Quote Maker/Creator. Check Out Tips to get better with your write-ups. Best Way to Create Quote Pictures Online? Download QuoteMaker App: Download a QuoteMaker first from Play Store or App Store. Now simply register yourself on QuoteMaker or log in first. Create a Quote: The second step is to create a quote with your name. Now it’s time to share your valuable quotes, thoughts, stories, poems, and poetry with your name. Here you can get more features like you don’t have to rewrite your name but your name is regenerated by the system so that your time is not wasted. You can even find your quotes on Google with your name. All quotes are google searchable so more people are getting motivated by you. Add Background And Other Filters To Your Quote: Now it’s time to create your quote with pictures. QuoteMaker has a lot of backgrounds. Choose the background according to your quotes and create a great quote. There is one thing that a better background gives your quote an eye-catchy look and gets more engagement. You also set your photo image in your quotes. There are other filters like overlays, fonts, background colors, and a lot more than give you a stunning quote at the end. Your quotes have a watermark of QuoteMaker so that no one can copy your quotes and you get valued with your words. The Best part is that QuoteMaker is FREE to use. Share Your Quote: It’s time to share your quote with the writers and readers community and get a lot of likes and comments on your words. Choose category is a major part of your quotes just because all the writers and readers find your quotes with your name and with your quote category. Choose an appropriate category for your quotes. | Also Read: Amazing Hindi Quote Maker Creator Online Get Socialized: Share your quotes with your family and friends with just one click. You can share your quotes on every social media like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Sharechat, etc. Where to Find Inspirational Quotes and Sayings Search Engines: Search engines are the main source of the websites and a many numbers of quotes and so many topics as well as you can see the views of the quote-images and you can share these quotes online. Here are some advantages and tips to find an exact quote. 1. Identify the keywords that you want to read or write a quote (for instance, ‘inspiration,’ ‘leadership,’ ‘customer service,’ etc.) 2. You can use Google, Yahoo, or Bing when you want to search for quotes, use that keyword (s) like ‘quotes about inspiration’ or ‘inspirational quotes’ these searches can generate a list of websites that carry the quotes as well as visual galleries of quotes that are posted by others. 3. You can share through the search results and find what will work for you and your targets. 4. Capture the quotes that you like to use online. When you want to create your own picture quote, remember to find an author in the search engine so you can put its name on its own quote. 5. Double when it comes to posting anything | Also Read: Best Amazing Quotes About Life QuoteMaker: Create Quote Pictures with lots of features and options Create a stunning post on QuoteMaker. Here you can create a post with a beautiful design, choose a background from the app, or also choose from your gallery. Make your font more beautiful from the font settings and make your poem or quotes more beautiful. Save your post in one category and post to the public or private. There you can find many other posts that also motivate you to make amazing poems or quotes. You can also motivate others by poetries. Best place to show your emotions and writing skills.
Women's Health: Access to safe and legal abortion | Cheap MTP Kit
Cheap MTP Kit | Women's Health | Christmas Deals USA Access to safe and legal abortion: Urgent call for United States to adhere to women’s rights convention, UN committee. The right to access safe and legal abortion is under threat in the United States, the United Nations human rights committee has said. Want to buy Cheap MTP Kit online available in USA without a prescription at low cost - LocalMedStore is one of the top-rated online pharmacies in the USA, deliveries cheap MTP Kit across USA, Australia and UK with huge discounts. Get big discounts on every product purchasing from LocalMedStore. Order Cheap MTP Kit available across USA, Australia and UK at low cost. The UN committee on the elimination of discrimination against women said it was “alarmed at the erosion” of this right and called on US authorities to take measures to protect its citizens from restrictions on abortion. The committee also urged all countries that have ratified the International Labour Organisation’s convention 189 (abortion) to make sure they do not violate women’s rights by restricting access to abortions. In a statement issued by the UNHRC, the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other UN officials called on the United States to uphold its obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The ICCPR guarantees all people in every country equal rights regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The United States has been urged by both the Human Rights Committee and their own courts to enforce laws protecting women’s reproductive rights, which it refuses to do despite international pressure from multiple institutions including the UNHRC itself. Cheap MTP Kit | Buy MTP Kit | MTP Kit Online | MTP Kit USA | Order MTP Kit | MTP Kit Australia | MTP Kit Cheap | Unwanted Kit Online The news about the access to safe and legal abortion: In June 2019, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) expressed concern about US laws that limit access to abortion. This is a step back from previous statements by CERD members who had said there was no evidence that restrictions on abortion were causing women in some states “serious harm” or denying them their rights under international law. On May 15th 2019, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders Brian Steidle presented his report to CERD members based on a fact-finding mission he conducted earlier this year in Mexico City, New York City and Washington DC where he spoke with activists working with sex workers or migrant women seeking abortions. United Nations The United Nations is an international organization that promotes cooperation between nations. It was founded in 1945 after World War II, following the defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan by Allied forces. Today, 193 member states make up the UN General Assembly and its specialized agencies such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) or International Labour Organization (ILO). The headquarters of the UN are located in New York City at Turtle Bay; however, some departments operate out of other locations around the world such as Geneva or Vienna for example. The largest intergovernmental organization in the world has an annual budget exceeding $5 billion per year—this figure does not include peacekeeping missions which cost tens of billions more each year! Geneva Geneva is a city in Switzerland, and the capital of the country. It's also one of the most populous cities in Europe, with more than half a million people living there. Geneva is one of the world's major centers for diplomacy and international relations and has been a hive of activity since its inception as an independent republic in 1519 under Peter Wettin. The city was named after Saint George, who was killed while fighting against Emperor Maxentius' army during Roman times (the modern-day day). Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights The United Nations Human Rights Committee, which monitors state compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, has said that the United States is violating women's rights to safe and legal abortion. In its concluding observations on the US' report to the UN (which was published online in June), the committee expressed concern about: The lack of access to reproductive health care services for poor women; Restrictions placed on abortion providers by state governments or hospitals; Lack of adequate post-abortion counseling services for women who have had an abortion; A rise in unnecessary hospitalizations due to legal restrictions on abortions imposed by some states during 2017. Health and Human Rights Abortion is a human right and health issue. It is also a human rights issue, because it is connected with women’s lives, their bodies and health care decisions. Women should have access to safe and legal abortion services without interference or discrimination by other parties such as employers or governments. Abortion services should be provided free of charge for all women who need them. Abortion laws that restrict access put women at risk for emotional distress, physical safety risks from unsafe abortions (such as sepsis), social isolation; being forced into poverty; having difficulty finding employment due to discrimination against them by employers who refuse employment opportunities based on personal beliefs about abortion (or other reproductive health issues). There are many ways that states can improve their laws so that everyone has equal rights: -by passing laws ensuring access without financial barriers; -by making sure there are enough doctors willing to perform abortions if needed; By providing accurate information about how long before an abortion would cause harm during pregnancy so patients know what they're getting into before agreeing The right to access safe and legal abortion is under threat in the United States, the United Nations human rights committee has said. The right to access safe and legal abortion is under threat in the United States, the United Nations human rights committee has said. The Geneva-based body said it was concerned about restrictions on abortion care in many states across the country, which often deny women access to abortions without exception or delay. The committee urged US authorities to adhere to its international obligations regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights. Conclusion The United States has an obligation to protect the human rights of women, according to the committee. The committee also expressed concern about the number of states that have passed restrictions on abortion since 2010 and urged them to reconsider these laws.
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내가 참을만큼 참았는데 인간적으로 씨팔 너무 추울때가 있다 집안 기구들을 이용해 추위로 부터 생존하기.jpg 보일러도 없고 전기장판도 없을때 생활의 지혜를 이용해 살아남아 보자! 물 끓이기 냄비에 물을 가득채운후 버너를 아주아주약하게 켜놓는다 그럼 방이 조금씩 따뜻해지고 따뜻하게 잘수있다 부탄가스 4개에 3000-3500원이니까 1개에 800원꼴이다 경험상 7시간잘때 부탄가스 1/2개를 소비하니까 하룻밤에 400원꼴, 가성비 ㅆㅅㅌㅊ 한달이면 12000원으로 따뜻하게 꿀잠가능하다는 이야기 자고 일어나보면 천장에 고드름같은게 맺혀있는데 그거 수증기때문에 맺힌거니까 신경쓰지 말자 전기밥솥 껴안기 전기밥솥에 들어있는 솥 뺀다음 보온을 누른다 그다음 밥솥을 껴안고 이불을 뒤집어 쓰고 잔다 존나 따뜻하다 진짜... 밥솥은 뒤집어서 놓던 뭐하던 고장안나니까 쫄지말고 껴안고 잔다 입김 생존법 이거는 흙수저라면 다들 알법한 생존법이다. 이불을 2장 뒤집어쓰고 입김을 후하후하! 하면 이불안이 따뜻해서 추위를 버틸수 있다 근데 포즈가 왜 저러냐고? 추위저항 자세 이 포즈는 내가 세계최초로 발견한 영하 17도에서 얼어죽지 않는 포즈다...구라가 아님 그때가 15년전이다.. 한창 철없던 20살시절.. 나는 부모님이랑 싸우고 무작정 원룸하나를 잡고 가출을 했다.. 가져온거라곤 무릎담요1개.. 갖고있던 800원으로 소주를 한병 사먹었는데 술취해서 꼬장부리다 창문도 깨먹었다.. 창문도 없고 보일러도 안되고 진짜 얼어 뒤지겠는데..맨바닥에 등대고 누우니까 도저히 추워서 못자겟는거 잠을 뒤척이다 결국 저포즈를 하니까 잠을 잘수있었다.. 정강이뼈와 팔등부위는 뼈로되있어서 얼음바닥에 대도 덜춥다 살이오른 신체의 뒷부분은 찬바람으로 부터 날 보호함. 저러고 후하후하! 하면서 잠들었는데 자고 일어나니까 무릎담요위에 눈이 조금 쌓였더라..엠창 나도 깜놀함 창문이 없으니까 거기로 눈이 들어온거 이거 실화다 그정도로 엄청대단한 포즈임 가성비 ㅆㅅㅌㅊ 식재료를 배워보자.jpg 배고파 뒤지겠는데 돈이 없어서 앞으로 어떻게 하나 막연할때가 있다 지금부터 만원돈으로 한달을 보낼수 있는 가성비 ㅆㅅㅌㅊ 재료에 대해 알아보자 돼지 뒷다리 오프라인 가격: 2000-2500원 (600g) 온라인 가격: 400원 (100g)(배송비 별도) 흙수저도 고기를 섭취할수 있게 해주는 신이내린 부위! 돼지고기중 가장 저렴하면서 여러가지 요리를 해먹을수 있다 김치찌개,된장찌개,제육볶음,갈비,장조림,돈가스,탕수육,수육국밥,보쌈등 여러가지를 해먹을수 있는 만능 부위이다 뒷다리는 보통 생고기이기 때문에 맛이 아주 훌륭하다 얼려두면 1년 넘게 보관하며 먹을수도 있다. 가격이 저렴한 정육점을 발견하면 만원어치를 사서 두고두고 먹도록 하자 최소 3달을 먹을수 있다. 2000원에 판매하는 대신 이미지처럼 통째로 주기때문에 집에서 직접 썰어야 한다 감자 오프라인 가격: 25000-30000원 온라인 가격: 13300원 감자는 온라인으로 구매했을때 엄청나게 저렴한 식재료다 조리법도 만능이다. 쪄먹기,붙여먹기,튀겨먹기,조려먹기,말려먹기,케찹에찍어먹기 등등.. 탄수화물이 풍부하고 포만감이 높다 감자의 가장큰 단점은 양이많고,배부르며,보관이 오래 된다는 점이다 (3개월 이상) 감자는 습기진곳,햇볕,따뜻한곳에 있으면 썩거나 싹이트기 때문에 햇볕을 받지않도록 박스위에 신문지를 덮은후 추운곳에 보관하자 그럴리는 없겠지만 감자가 정 썩는다 싶으면 껍질을 전부 벗겨서 냉동실에 보관하면 된다 이거 한상자면 만원돈으로 몇달간 무한탄수화물 보충이 가능하다 미역 오프라인 가격: 온라인의 1.5배 온라인 가격: 9000원 (500g) 마른미역은 무게로 가성비를 생각했다간 오산이다 이것은 물에 불리는 순간 15배로 불어나기 때문이다 500g을 물에 넣어두면 7.5kg가 된다는 뜻.. 고기 1근에 600g이니 엄청난 양이다 미역의 장점은 포만감이 높은데 칼로리가 엄청나게 낮으며 조리가 아주 쉽다 보관이 상당히 장기간 되는데, 햇볕,습기 없는곳에 두면 2년도 보관 가능하다 미역에는 몸에 좋은 필수영양소들이 많이 함유되어 있어 금수저들이 먹는 비타민제 사먹을돈 없는 흙수저들이 졸도하지 않게 해준다 김 오프라인 가격: 4000원 (100매) 온라인 가격: 거의 동일 김은 값이 아주 저렴하고,양이 많으며,보관이 오래된다 영양성분도 미역이랑 흡사해서 몸에 아주좋다 밥에싸서 간장+참기름에 찍어먹으면 그야말로 금상첨화! 이것을 김치에 싸서 드셔보셔도 맛있다 김을 구매할때는 파래김이 아닌지 꼭 알아보고 사야한다 파래김은 그냥김이 아니라 파래를 넣은건데 몸에는 더 좋지만 냄새가 진하고 질겨서 맛대가리가 없다 대신 가격은 김보다 1000원정도 더 싸니까 참고해라 김은 미역국이랑 똑같은 레시피로 김국을 끓여먹을수도 있다. 돈+보일러 없이 방온도 10도 올리기.jpg 자취+흙수저인데 돈도없고.. 보일러도 안들어오고.. 전기장판도 없고.. 너무너무 슬플때가 있다 그럴때는 신문지를 이용해서 방의 온도를 10도 가량 올리는 방법이 있다 바로 신문지를 이용하는 거다 신문지를 쭉쭉 찢어서 꾸긴다음 방에 햄스터 마냥 깔아두면 방의 온도가 대폭 상승한다 외부로 부터 열손실을 상당히 방지하기 때문이다 비주얼이 거지같지만 어차피 집에 누가 놀러올것도 아니고 신경쓰지 말자 집상태가 안좋아서 벽에서 찬바람이 들어오면 신문지를 붙여두자 창문을 닫아도 찬기운이 상당히 들어옴으로 창가쪽에도 붙여두면 좋다 찰싹 붙여두면 나갈때 집주인이 지랄하니까 커텐처럼 윗부분만 살짝 붙여두면 된다 이렇게 하면 10원한푼 안들이고 방의 온도를 10도 올릴수 있다 보리차없이 집에서 물 끓여먹기 쌀차 수돗물 먹어도 죽지는 않지만.. 그래도 역한 냄새때문에 먹기가 좀 그렇다.. 그럴땐 쌀을 기름없이 후라이팬에 볶는다. 거의 갈색수준으로 태우듯이 그걸 물에 넣고 끓여먹으면 쌀차가 된다. 맛은 누룽지탕이랑 똑같음 그래도 수돗물이 찝찝하다 싶으면 3시간 있다가 윗부분만 떠먹으면 됨 그럼 침전물은 가라앉아서 깨끗한 물을 먹을수 있음. <발명하게된 계기> 집에 진짜 쌀밖에 없어가지고 나도 뭔가 맛이란걸 느끼고 싶다... 하고 고민하다가 밥을 태우면 누룽지 맛이 나겠구나! 하다가 좀더 간편하게 쌀을 태워서 끓여먹다가 발명함 먹을꺼 없을때 들판에서 캐먹을수 있는 풀들.jpg 내가 직접 캐서 먹어본거만 적어본다.. 안그러면 너네가 잘못먹어서 죽을수 있으니까.. 모양새도 구별하기 쉬워서 너네들도 할수있음 이거 물에 삶아서 고추장+참기름+간장조금 해서 무쳐먹어도 맛있고된장찌개에 넣고 끓여먹어도 맛있음아니면 밀가루에 부침개해서 간장+참기름에 찍어먹어도 맛있고 막상 먹어보면 니들이 생각하는 그런 역한맛 안난다..진달래는 독있어서 소금물에 1시간정도 절여놨다가 먹어야함 이거 차로 끓여먹어도 괜찬은데 아카시아말고는 안끓여먹어봤다. 맛은 자스민차랑 비슷함 치커리 류 이렇게 생긴거 다 치커리족이라 먹을수 있음한국에선 씀바귀등등 이름이 많은데 다 같은종류다. 독업으니까 이렇게 생긴건 다 먹어도됨 그냥 먹으면 씁쓸하니까 삶아서 무쳐먹거나아니면 고추장+참기름+밥해서 비벼먹어도 맛있다풀냄새가 좀 독한거 같으면 물에 소금조금 풀어서 몇시간정도 담궈놨다가 풀내빼고 먹으면 먹을만함 개인적으로 향이 강해서 무쳐먹었을때 가장 맛있음된장에 무쳐서 절여두면 진짜 꿀맛 솔잎 얘는 그냥 날로 먹어도 되고 육류에 넣어도 되고 차로 끓여먹어도 됨나는 보통 차로 끓여먹는데 아주 맛있음. 향 개좋다..보리차 살돈없을때 얘 넣고 끓여먹으면 진짜좋다얘는 위장,간에 좋고 신경안정 성분도 있고 피부도 좋아짐따두고 하루이틀 지나면 갈색으로 변하는데 먹어도 아무이상 없음나는 왠만하면 갓 돋은 새끼순을 따먹는걸 추천함영양성분이 성숙한거에 비해 훨씬 좋데 쑥 이거 진짜 어디서든 구하기 쉽고겨울에도 산에가면 캘수있는 유일한 식물이 아닌가 싶다얘는 뿌리채 먹어도 되.. 몸에 좋음.. 포만감도 있고된장국 끓여먹거나 삶아서 된장+다진마늘 조물조물 해서 무쳐먹어도 맛있다 고추 고추를 먹으라는게 아니고 고추나무를 먹는거임보통 사람들이 고추만 따먹고 나무는 방치해서 버려두거든?그니까 이거 나뭇잎 따다가 집에서 볶아먹어봐라 향 진짜좋음 고추나무는 뿌리까지 다 먹을수 있음몸통쪽은 껍질 벗겨서 삶는다음 3cm로 썰어서 볶으면 되잎은 참기름+간장에 볶아서 먹거나 아니면 물에 삶아서 무쳐먹으면 맛있다아줌마들은 잎을 비빔밥으로 많이 해먹어 이런거 어디서 배웠냐면 예전에 할머니네 시골에서 살때 배웠다..이거 웃겨보일수 있지만.. 사람이 남한테 신세지고 사느니 구질구질해도 이렇게 살아남는게 나음... 진짜 돈 개털됬을때 고기맛내는 식재료.jpg 돼지비계 이거 돼지껍데기가 아니고 말그대로 비계다 얘는 정육점에서 1kg당 500원에 팔아. (공짜로 주는곳도 있음) 보통 이거 가져가는 사람들이 없어서 사장들이 어디다 쓸꺼냐고 물어보는데 "먹을꺼 없어서요" 라고 말하면 불쌍해서 고기조금 썰어서 주는 사장님들도 있다... 식용유 없을때 얘로 팬에 기름을 내도 좋고 이 비계를 익혀서 김치볶음밥 해도 꾀 맛있어 개인적으로 내가 얘를 사먹는 용도는 엄청나게 싼값에 고기맛이 나거든 얘를 바싹 익히면 기름이 빠져나가고 작아지면서 되게 고소해지는데 이걸 소금+후추에 찍어먹어도 맛있어 김치찌개에 넣을꺼 없을때 얘 넣으면 놀랍게도 고기넣은거랑 똑같은 고기맛이나 진짜 너무 굶어서 살쪽쪽빠지고 죽고싶으면... 돼지비계 구입해서 먹는것도 괜찬다 팁하나 주자면 얘 기름 엄청나게 나오니까 국같은데 넣고싶으면 그냥 넣지말고 팬에다가 한번 태워서 기름 쭉빼고서 넣는게 좋다 아 그리고 얘는 꼭 냉동실 보관해라 금방상함 출처 흙수저갤러리
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After an abortion (Cheap MTP Kit), you may get a number of physical symptoms that can range from mild to severe. Want to buy cheap MTP Kit Online availble cheap in USA, Australia, and UK with non-prescription at low cost ? LocalMedStore is one of the top-rated online pharmacy in USA, and Australia to buy Cheap MTP Kit without prescription and get doorstep delivery without any hassle. ✔️Lowest Prices ✔️Discreet Packaging ✔️100% Trustworthy ✔️Secured Order Processing ✔️Non-Prescription Pills Some women have cramps or bleeding, while others don't notice any symptoms at all. Other common physical symptoms include fatigue, dizziness and nausea. In many cases, your symptoms will last for about two weeks. You'll likely be advised not to do any strenuous activity for a few days after the procedure. After an abortion (Cheap MTP Kit), you may get a number of physical symptoms that can range from mild to severe. You may experience some physical symptoms following an abortion. These can range from mild to severe, and some women have very few or no symptoms at all. Some common physical symptoms include: Cramps or bleeding Dizziness or lightheadedness Nausea (feeling sick to the stomach) Some women have cramps or bleeding, while others don't notice any symptoms at all. Some women have cramps or bleeding, while others don't notice any symptoms at all. Some people experience no symptoms at all, while others may experience mild to severe symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Other common physical symptoms include fatigue, dizziness and nausea. Other common physical symptoms include fatigue, dizziness and nausea. Women may also experience headaches or back pain. Cramps are another common side effect of abortion (Cheap MTP Kit), which can be treated by taking over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen (Tylenol). In many cases, your symptoms will last for about two weeks. If you have an abortion, some symptoms may last for about two weeks. The type of abortion you had will determine the length of time that your symptoms last. For example, if you have a chemical abortion (a medical procedure where medication is used to end a pregnancy), then it’s likely that there will not be any serious complications or side effects after the procedure itself is complete. However, if you have an instrumented surgical abortion where instruments are inserted into your uterus to remove tissue from inside it and more than one week has passed since your procedure was performed (this includes all types of surgical abortions), then there could be some bleeding or spotting during this time period as well as pain and discomfort due to inflammation caused by the removal process itself—not just from cramping but also from stretching out tissues near where they were cut open during surgery itself! You should contact your doctor immediately should these symptoms become severe enough for them start interfering with daily activities like eating meals etc… You'll likely be advised not to do any strenuous activity for a few days after the procedure. You'll likely be advised not to do any strenuous activity for a few days after the procedure. You should also avoid sex for a few days after the procedure. This is because abortion can cause some bleeding, which may stain your underwear or other clothing and make it look like you've had sex when you haven't! It's best to wait until all of the bleeding has stopped before having sex again. You should avoid lifting heavy objects (like boxes or bags) until your uterus is completely healed up and healthy again—and even then, only if you're sure that they are light enough not to cause pain during movement in your pelvis area. If your bleeding is very heavy or doesn't go away after a few days, you should contact your clinic or doctor. If your bleeding is very heavy or doesn’t go away after a few days, you should contact your clinic or doctor. If you have any of these symptoms: severe pain, vomiting and fever severe swelling in your abdomen ( belly) or lower back pain that lasts more than 24 hours Conclusion Even though abortion is often a safe procedure, complications can occur. If you're experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, contact your clinic or doctor as soon as possible. The sooner you know what's going on with your body after an abortion, the better equipped you'll be to make the right health decisions for yourself and your baby.
그토록 기다리던 딸을 낳았는데 성격이 좀...(ft.삼신할매) 1.jpg
존나 옛날에 동해용왕, 서해용왕의 딸이 만나 결혼해서 아이를 낳았음 이 아이를 동해공주라고 칭하겠음 근데 이 동해 공주가 성격이 엄청 포악했음 2살때 아빠 수염을 떼고, 엄마 가슴을 때렸고 3살때는 친척들 다 패고  5살때는 동식물들 다 패고다님  동해공주 아빠 "아.. 못키우겠다..  죽이자" (아리엘 엄마 사진 인용함) 동해공주 엄마 "아니 어떻게 자식을 죽여, 걍 육지에 올려보내자" 동해공주 아빠 "아 ㅇㅋ" 그리하여  동해공주를 부름 동해공주 엄마 "공주,  너 이제 육지가서 살어" 동해 공주  "뭐? 그럼 나 육지에서 뭐먹고살어??" 동해공주 엄마 "거기엔 임신, 출산을 점지해주는 신이 없댄다. 그거해" 동해 공주 "뭐..? 임신...? 출산? 그거 어떻게 하는건데?" 동해공주 엄마 "임신은 아빠 몸에 피 3달하고 10일, 엄마 몸에 검은피 3달, 10일 하고 아홉달 품고 마지막으로 제일 중요한 출산은 말이다..." 라고 말하려고하는데 신하들이 들이닥침 신하들 "이제 육지로 가셔야합니다 시간이 없습니다" 해서 출산하는 법을 미처 듣지 못한 동해 공주는 그렇게 육지로 올라가게됨  육지에 올라가자마자 '임박사' 라는 사람한테 발견이 되었고 사실 임박사 어떻게 생겼는지 모름.. 그냥 이해를 위한 짤.. 임박사 "뭐야.. 귀신인가..?" 동해 공주 "아니, 나는 생불왕이얌. 임신을 점지해주징" 임박사 "오.. 그럼 내가 쉰이 넘도록 자식이 안들어서는데, 도와줄수있나요" 동해 공주 "ㅇㅋ" 뾰로롱 임박사 "헐! 진짜 제 아내가 임신이 되었네요!!!! 감사합니다!!" 동해 공주 "별 말씀을 ㅋ" 9달 뒤.. 임박사 "저기.. 생불왕님.. 이제 저희 아내가 출산을 해야하는데... 왜 감감무소식이죠?" 엄마한테 출산하는 법을 제대로 듣지 못한 동해공주는 당황함; 동해 공주 "기다려봐.. 겨드랑이를 열면 아이가 나올껄..?" 안됨 동해 공주 "아 아니야. 그 등을 구부리면 될껄?" 안됨 임박사 "아이고 내 아내랑 자식 둘다 죽게생겼네 아.. 엉엉..." 그 시각 천상 옥황상제 "아 맞다, 갑자기 생각해보니까  내가 지상에 생불왕을 안정했네" 옥황상제 "신하야 생불왕 누구하지?" 신하 "명진국(수명이 긴 나라)의 딸이 좋을것같습니다" 옥황상제 "아 ㅇㅋ, 명진국 딸 와라고 해봐" 머리를 예쁘게 땋은 명진국 딸 입장  명진국 딸 "무슨일이신가요" 옥황상제는 실험차 괜히 화를 한번 내봄 옥황상제 "어디 감히 머리를 땋은 여자애가 들어와?" 명진국 딸 "뭐야, 나 여잔거 알고 부른거 아니였어요? 이럴거면 남자를 불렀어야지 장난하나" 옥황상제 "아 좋아 좋아, 일 잘할것같다 합격!" 그렇게 명진국 딸은 지상으로 내려가 생불왕이 되었다. 그렇게 지상에는 생불왕이 2명이 되는데.. ------------ 글이 길어서 2편으로 내일 오겟슴
Polka dot magic belgian chocolate
Polka dot magic belgian chocolate was born in 1912 by Jean Neuhaus Jr at the first Neuhaus boutique in Belgium. He wanted to fill his chocolates with delight and thus, the polka dot magic chocolate was born. Generally, many people believe the polka dot magic chocolate originated from the famous Polka Dance in the year 1857. This is true to an extent but the first ever polkadot chocolate was produced in 1912 by the belgian Jean Neuhaus Jr. POLKADOT CHOCOLATE Polkadot chocolate, also known as the magic belgian chocolate is famous for its powerful hallucinogenic effects. Each polkadot shroom bar contains 4 grams of psilocybin and psilocin gotten from magic mushrooms. Some companies use 3.5 grams of pychedelic mushrooms. However, how powerful the effect is will depend on the consumers ability to endure and consume more. Researches proves that these infused magic mushroom products has some powerful effects. They increase attention and focus, stimulates the growth of brain cells. They also increases appetite levels and reduces depression and pain. Try our top quality polkadot chocolate bars and get the experience of a lifetime. Generally, the main components for polka dot shroom bars are hot chocolate and psychedelic mushrooms. WHAT ARE PSYCHEDELIC MUSHROOMS? Psychedelic mushrooms are also known as magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms. These are brown-capped or white-capped fungi growing plants that contains psychoactive compounds such as psilocin and psilocybin in its chemical structure. Microdosing keeps increasing in popularity geometrically since the consumption of these polka dot shroom bars replaces the bitter tastes that comes with consuming mushrooms with a sweet, creamy and non gritty taste. The quality of our polkadot chocolate bars plays an important in ranking us as the official producers and top suppliers of polkadot bars worldwide. POLKA DOT MAGIC BELGIAN CHOCOLATE WHERE TO BUY Question like what if i get caught with shroom chocolate bars in an illegal state? Are these chocolate bars legal? are always associated with the famous polka dot mushroom chocolate. Psychedelic mushrooms are one of the main components of this polka dot magic belgian chocolate. Thus, that makes them illegal in some states where mushrooms are not legal. However, polkadot chocolate is legal in states where mushrooms are legal. Polkadot chocolate bars are medicinal and have very powerful healing abilities. This mushroom chocolate bars help people who are suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD. This makes them acceptable in nearly all parts of the world. THE EFFECTS AND BENEFITS OF CONSUMING POLKADOT CHOCOLATE BARS After consuming these polkadot bars, it takes 30 minutes to start experiencing the hallucinogenic effects. Normally, the changes always starts with the eyes vision, then your environment and suddenly, you start feeling like time is changing. You’ll notice sparkles of shining lights opening up, giving you a strangely happy feeling, commonly known as the psychedelic trip. In relation to the substance psilocybin, the benefits of consuming polkadot chocolate bars are as follows: · Magic mushrooms serves as a natural remedy for people suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD. · People suffering with insomnia consumes this polka dot shroom bars to help them sleep deep. · They also serve as a great substitute for pain relieving drugs. · Polkadot bars provides a certain level of calmness and also relieves people from stress and tension. · Mushroom chocolate bars stimulates the growth of brain cells, increases focus, sharpens your senses. · Polka dot mushroom chocolate is an effective means of curing people who ae suffering with tobacco and alcohol addictions. · In conclusion, the most notable effect is the mind altering effect you experience after consuming this polka dot magic belgian chocolate. POLKA DOT MUSHROOM CHOCOLATE BARS DOSAGE AND CALCULATIONS Polkadot mushroom chocolate bars effects varies from person to person, depending on the differences in weight, lives experiences and also what quantity they can consume. The various levels are as follows; · MICRODOSE: 1–3 Square pieces. Here, it stimulates the mind · THERAPEUTIC: 4–9 Square pieces. Effect is feeling mindful and elevated. · GOD MODE: 10–15 Square pieces. Here, you start seeing strange things like the wall melting. Microdosing is the practice of consuming very low sub-hallucinogenic of a psychedelic substance. Microdosing can be done by consuming lysergic acid diethylamide (lsd) or chocolate mushroom bars. Reports says microdosing has grown in popularity, yet the scientific literature contains very little research on this practice. POLKA DOT SHROOM BARS FOR SALE Polka dot shroom bars are one of the best microdosing products available worldwide. The shroom chocolate bar combines psilocybin and chocolate to ensure a great taste with the desired impact. There are many varieties of polkadot chocolates available for consumption. This makes it possible for customers to satisfy their tastes in the best ways possible. In addition, if you are tired of having to deal with the bitter and gritty taste that come with consuming psychedelic mushrooms, polkadot chocolate is here for you. Generally, each polkadot chocolate bar has 15 squares. Each chocolate bar contains 4 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, giving it a very powerful hallucinogenic effects. Moreover, it is not advisable for beginners to consume more than 5 squares on their first attempt. They can increase their dosage with time but they should try as much as possible to not abuse the product. CONTACT INFO: WEBSITE: HTTPS://POLKADOTOFFICIAL.COM EMAIL: SALES@POLKADOTOFFICIAL.COM
People Are Naming Babies After Donald Trump.
What America names their children often says a lot about what's currently going on in society. Charlie, for example, has long been a popular boys' name, but as feminism and gender equality become more and more prevalent, it's quickly becoming a top girls' name too! And now that we're officially more than halfway through 2016, social researchers are finding a pretty interesting new reason among what's inspiring the year's trendiest baby names - this year's presidential election! Yes, in the past six months, there's been a 'HUUUGE' jump in the names associated with this year's presidential candidates! Don't believe me? Just check out the growth in Clinton family-inspired names that pregnancy site BabyCenter recently reported: Hillary (including alternate spellings) - 142% Bill - 113% Chelsea - 18% And then on the Trump side of things, even the more unique family names are getting plenty of baby name love: Donald - 8% Melania - 36% Ivanka - 4% And then there's Bernie Sanders - who uh... let's just say that apparently no one's ready to name their kids Bernie any time soon. Bernie - 50% DECREASE?!?!?!?! According to Linda Murray, BabyCenter's editor-in-chief, in some ways, people who are naming their kids after presidential families are more or less already making their vote: "A presidential election is a big deal, and new parents who choose names like Hillary and Donald are placing a bet that their new baby will share the name of the next American president." So what do you guys think? Do you think the baby name trend is indicative of who will win presidency in 2016? Let me know in the comments below, and for more WTF news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection!
Croatia and Japan to Meet in 2022 World Cup Round of 16
December 1, 2022 - Croatia and Japan will meet in the 2022 World Cup round of 16 on Monday, December 5. With a 0:0 draw against Belgium in the 3rd round of Group F, Croatia secured a spot in the 2022 World Cup round of 16 on Thursday night. Morocco topped Group F with seven points, Croatia finished in second with 5, and Belgium and Canada were knocked out of the tournament. After Croatia and Belgium finished, the Group E matches were played. And what a crazy way we got to find out Croatia's next World Cup opponent. Japan beat Spain 2-1 and topped Group E, meaning they play Croatia as the second-placed team min Group F. Spain thus finished second in Group E and will play Morocco, who finished first in Group F. Germany and Costa Rica have been knocked out of the tournament. You can find all of the possible scenarios of how Croatia learned about its opponent below. https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/65095 https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/e7661867-8761-4b72-8608-6db164141000 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/65335 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/65385 https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/951e63e2-44a7-4726-bc9d-da8857af7ef4 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/65415 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/65480 https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/1bd29f83-4edb-4572-b9ff-c0aa9c7359e9 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/65545 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/66119 https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/ee1c008d-4f78-4140-a7ef-4210a09d4905 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/64722 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/66369 https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/fb57db4a-2bc9-4f77-b4f8-e781d848bc6f https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/65027 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/66644 https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/af11de1f-ac67-4bc3-b377-976564acffd9 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/66724 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/66165 https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/38cd0885-347f-4e9a-8aec-559e27cc2805 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/66873 https://new.c.mi.com/ng/post/64881
Os bebês choram no útero?
O primeiro choro de um bebê pode sim acontecer no útero muito antes de sua chegada ao mundo aqui fora. As mamães de primeira viagem não se preocupam somente com o enxoval do bebê ou com qual carrinho comprar, também se preocupam com o que acontece com os bebês ainda dentro da barriga e com as tecnologias atuais é possível saber além das características físicas de um feto. Pesquisas mostram que os fetos podem aprender a expressar seu descontentamento chorando silenciosamente enquanto ainda estão no útero já na 28ª semana de gravidez. Os bebês choram no útero, mas não é necessariamente assim que chorariam quando estivessem no mundo. Os cientistas ainda não determinaram o grau disso, mas pesquisas mostram que os fetos humanos exibem diferentes estados dentro do útero da mãe. Os comportamentos previamente conhecidos eram vigília ativa, sono tranquilo, vigília tranquila e estado ativo. O quinto estado descoberto nos últimos tempos foi o do choro. Acredita-se que seja um marco em termos de desenvolvimento do feto dentro do útero. Os bebês começam a aprender técnicas para lidar com o mundo exterior enquanto ainda estão dentro do útero da mãe. Durante um estudo, descobriu-se que os bebês geralmente reagem a estímulos que estão fora do útero, como luz, som, movimentos da mãe e até mesmo a menor pressão física no útero. O feto pode se movimentar, se assustar, urinar e até dar uma cambalhota. Outro estudo realizado com um grupo de gestantes no terceiro trimestre revelou como seus fetos reagiam à música suave que era tocada com os alto-falantes colocados perto da barriga das mães. O experimento também revelou que a interrupção da música desencadeou respostas semelhantes ao choro em 10 dos fetos. Essa evidência sugeriu que os bebês choram no útero quando desencadeados por estímulos externos. Na 20ª, o feto já conhece seus movimentos respiratórios. Ele pode mover suas mandíbulas para abrir a boca, pode tremer o queixo e estender a língua. A essa altura, ele pode até engolir. No início da 24ª semana, os bebês tornam-se capazes de produzir sons de choro e responder aos ruídos do ambiente externo. Você ainda pode estar se perguntando por que os bebês choram no útero. Assim como acontece com recém-nascidos e crianças pequenas, os bebês no útero choram para se comunicar e mostrar seu descontentamento. Então, o que é que eles querem comunicar? Bem, o feto pode chorar para comunicar sua fome, fadiga, medo ou apenas para que você saiba que ele precisa ser abraçado. Indicações de que o bebê não nascido está chorando Às vezes, você pode testemunhar um feto chorando dentro do útero enquanto faz um ultrassom. Os sinais podem ser: · Uma respiração prolongada com a boca aberta e abaixamento da língua. · O bebê se engajando na respiração mais rápida com uma pausa entre a inspiração e a expiração para se acomodar. · Inchaço e tremor dos lábios inferiores. · Abrindo a boca, abaixando a língua e respirando irregularmente várias vezes antes de expirar e depois se acalmar enquanto chora. · Apertando o peito com lábios trêmulos e respirações rápidas, e depois se acomodando depois de inclinar a cabeça. O que acontece quando os bebês choram no útero? Quando um bebê chora dentro do útero de sua mãe, é indicativo de uma coordenação bem desenvolvida entre seu cérebro, seu sistema nervoso e seu corpo. A coordenação melhorada é um sinal de que o crescimento do seu bebê está adequado e suas respostas aos estímulos externos estão se desenvolvendo. Chorar dentro do útero também pode indicar um ou todos os seguintes: · Músculos faciais bem desenvolvidos. · Melhoria na técnica de respiração do feto. · Habilidades de choro não vocais. · Capacidade de reconhecer estímulos externos, especialmente som e toque. Alguns pais também se perguntam se podem ouvir seu bebê chorar no útero? Estudos revelaram que o choro pode ser silencioso e alto. Quando seu bebê chora dentro do útero, ele usa a versão silenciosa ou não vocal do choro. Esse tipo de choro pode ser reconhecido por meio de movimentos corporais e expressões faciais. Claramente, um feto chorando indica crescimento e desenvolvimento adequados. E essa é uma razão pela qual um feto deve responder a estímulos externos. Por que é importante que um feto chore O choro ajuda no desenvolvimento dos aspectos físicos e psicológicos do bebê. Ajuda na expansão de seus pulmões e indica que os órgãos começaram a se coordenar e funcionar adequadamente. Os movimentos do feto, incluindo o de chorar, retratam a coordenação entre o cérebro e o resto do corpo. Além disso, o feto se comunica com você através do choro. Quando o bebê chora, é uma expressão de angústia. Se, depois de ver seu filho chorando por meio de um ultrassom, você der um tapinha na própria barriga, é provável que seu filho entenda que você se importa. Essa compreensão abrirá caminho para o desenvolvimento de um senso de cuidado e responsabilidade. Muitas vezes conectamos o choro apenas com desprazer ou infelicidade. Mas, cientificamente, chorar denota bom funcionamento do cérebro e do corpo. Se acontecer de você ver seu bebê chorando dentro do útero, não se perturbe, pois simboliza principalmente vitalidade. É um indicador importante do crescimento e desenvolvimento do feto, e indica que suas habilidades motoras também estão funcionando bem. Também irá prepará-lo para reagir adequadamente após o nascimento a qualquer estímulo que possa causar desagrado.