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안녕하세요 Carats 💎!! (Intro & taglist)

안녕하세요 친구!!

Omo, I'm so happy. This will be my second go around, representing the beautiful guys of Seventeen!! Yay! ㅠ...ㅠ SEVENTEEN I'm so hyped! and everything I can't even engrish right now. Before I continue another major congratulations to my fellow Vingle Q4 Moderators. Hurray! Have fun this Q4 period.

**DK approves**

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About Me: (Whatever DK said) *_* Soooo......I guess I can start with my name... ●Isolda aka Sol (that's me btw on Wednesdays) ●Q4 Moderator for SEVENTEEN (yay times x) ●Puerto Rican (age between 22-26) ●Major I'm sorry but until these beautiful Korean men estoppp, I'm just keep adding them in my lifeu ㅠ^ㅠ ●I literally bias too many...hence multi but I have my especial oppas & young oppas. ●I'm also Mod Supporters for: ☆Monsta X (Shownu) ☆B.A.P (Himchan) ☆BTOB (Peniel/all) ☆iKon (Donghyuk) ☆History (....) My Vingle is open to all, so let's be friends and play!! or with me. You should add me on 카카오톡 and/or LINE. ♡_♡ Okis next
Now.....this is just an intro card & tag list for Seventeen...which I hope you have come to know about and love least like. jeje And I'll do a quick get to know me later along with the Lucky Carats Crew. Because there's so many of them...they need lots and lots of love. Anywho...

So a quick guidelines:

●Cards made and wanting to be uploaded in the Seventeen Community must be● -Related (mention of members, interaction with other groups esp SVT duh, individual members, appreciation, fanfic (if PG-13 & up...pleaseeeee but a warning) but accepted too...) ●Cards that will be discarded or taken down● -Rudeness or bashing or unpopular opinions is NOT acceptable (Basically no negative cards/feedback X) **This is a major No-No** -Being rude to other Vingle familia will also not be tolerated and you will go bye bye.. This is for a beautiful bonding moment and I hope everyone will feel the same.
These ladies....I love you lots you have no idea...thank you for agreeing to staying/joining and helping me out once again with these babes.. ^How true is that statement btw^ okis so Lucky Carats Squadeu: Please look out for their intro cards next week & show them love. ■My 7abeebti: @VatcheeAfandi99 ■The talented: @CosmicCassidy ■The lovely: @awkwardjazzy ■My "Maknae": @MelissaGarza


***Please if you wish to be tagged or untagged or whatnot COMMENT down below*** BTW...tagging everyone I had last quarter and if no comment...I'm assuming you want to stay. Make sure to come play with us.


Diamond Besos!
keep tagging
PS. can you tag me? in like.....everything kpop related?
sure no problem 😄😄
can u please add me to the tag list
to just Seventeen or all?
I think I'd like to be added. ^^
Please tag me!!
yay!! Totally
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