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First Love part 2

As I rode the car to his house, I thought of the things me and Jimin used to do together. Walk around our campus together, go to the park and share ice cream, play little games, They were all something I missed. But, Jimin was different now. He was the CEO of a big company. Big responsibilities he had to hold. That's what made him different. Being noble, acting like he's on a different level. That wasn't him. We arrived at the mansion. Big, elegant, but.. it gave off a bad vibe. It intimidated me. As I walked through the halls, going to the room where grandfather was, I saw some people. He called a certain women 'mother' Of course, she wasn't his real mom. A step mother. She looked at me surprised. She should be. After what she did to me. I went into the room. On the bed was grandfather, lying down, helplessly trying to go through this horrible pain. "I'm here." I nearly whispered, my voice wouldn't dare to come out. He broke the silence. "Are you okay?" I swallowed down my tears and answered, "Yeah.. Are you okay?" He bitter-sweetly smiled, "No." I bursted into tears. He was the only person in my life who truly cared for me in the toughest times. I couldn't just ignore the fact that he's dying out. "Don't cry.." I looked up, trying to stop my tears from falling out. "Before, I die.. I want to tell you something. My will." I paid attention. "I know you have a son." I looked straight at his eyes. "How did you know?" He ignored my question. "Please, marry Jimin. Make a family for him. Help him become successful." "He already is successful." He shaked his head in denial. "Let him become a man. Not a CEO, not a business manager. I want him to become a family man. Someone who can really associate with people in a warm manner." "But, grandfather-" "I know the family won't greet you, I know they won't have the best attitude towards you. But, I promise. Jimin will help you go through it." Looking down at the ground was the only thing I could do. "I don't know. We've been through so much." He looked at me. "No. You went through so much." I furrowed my brows. He knew something. He knew something about me and what I went through. "y/n, please. This will be recorded any way. You have to do this for me." I thought about this decision. Holding his hand, I talked to him. "I will." I went out of his room. Jimin was the one who greeted me. "What did he say?" "He wants us to get married." he stood there with out an answer. "I know, pretty surprising" He looked at me. "I wouldn't hate it."
Oh my! Will they get married? Does Jimin know she had his baby? All these questions is why I can't wait for the next part. 😀
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