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BTS issues and facts that every ARMY should know of... Pt. 2

This is going to be a series on a source of topics I had found on Facebook. I'll be showing my opinions and beliefs. If you have any additional concerns or opinions please be sure to comment below! I won't judge/criticize. We all have our own opinions.
#11-14 Taehyung the "Alien/4D"
My opinion: Yes there are fans that have many thoughts about the way an idol acts. In the past people have called Taehyung an "Alien/4D". I don't see why they call him that honestly. They say it's the way he acts but in all 100% his acts are his personality and his personality is what makes Taehyung who he is. If he didn't have his personality Taehyung would be a completely different person. I don't see it as a joke honestly but why not keep the joke of "Alien/4D" in the past. As said let Taehyung express himself freely without a judgment.
#15-16 Sexualized Comments/Posts
This has been happening a lot lately. But please I know there are ARMYs that have no self conscience of the way they act. Please we don't want to have these sexual content videos, photos, or content shown to our BTS coming from fans. I mean what if you had a fan that you don't even know and they're just sending nudes and saying things to you like "Ughh fuck me up daddy" etc. It's honestly really disturbing because you won't even know the person. I was one to be on a Twitter post and I came across one of those comments (In one of my rant posts) and she was tagging BTS in all the explicit comments she was posting along with her friend. How would you feel if you had all these types of comments on the posts you were posting about? Yes Bangtan does read the English comments on their posts so please be mindful and think before you post. 'How would Bangtan feel towards this?'
#17 Everything that happens in the ARMY fandom stays in the ARMY fandom
I made that as the topic title because there are still ARMYs that choose to bring their drama into social media and will cause more drama between more Kpop groups which causes all of these unnecessary fanwars. Yes we all have our likes and dislikes so please respect each fandom. There's no need to add in the drama about what is going on in the ARMY fandom. I mean this because we used to be the chill fandom because The Most Beautiful Moment in Life era. We are now known as the "Most Immature Fandom". Speaking of immature please don't start another Sweden and Philippines incident. (More explaining later...) Such as the covers that Bangtan has covered, going onto the original and posting "I love Jungkook's cover" etc. Is just going to make our fandom more worse telling others 'We're a fandom that loves to spread our idols and doesn't care what others have to say'. Yes there are many fans that love Bangtan but if you're trying to let people know about BTS tell them somewhere else other than on another music video or a post that reminds you of Bangtan.
#18 Pressurizing Rapper Line For Their Mixtapes
We all know that Rapper Line works hard for their mixtapes. Once you hear about Rapper Line working on a mixtape please be thoughtful and be patient. The mixtape will be soon to come. Yes Yoongi mentioned in the beginning of the year that he would release his mixtape towards the end of 2016. Once it was heard there were ARMYs asking about when his mixtape was coming and coming up with theories of when they thought the mixtape would come. We all have our theories but please make sure to not ask about the date to their mixtapes.
#19-20 "Most Immature Fandom"
Please don't cause unnecessary fanwars. We used to be known as the "Most Peaceful Fandom". We are now known as the "Most Immature Fandom". Please be mindful/thoughtful before posting.
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