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Monsta X comeback (Day 1 and 2)

I missed day 1! ;A; So it only makes sense that I do both at once, right? But then again I'm also late for day 2. OTL
Monsta X Favorite GIF moment: It wasn't that long ago, but my favorite would probably be when they went on the Viking for RIGHT NOW episode 1! It was great to see them have so much fun and the gifs that I have from that episode are probably a few too many. I still die laughing whenever I watch it, it's pretty great. I made a playlist here if any of you want to watch it =D
Monsta X Favorite Comeback era:
Ok now this is hard. I'd say my favorite era would be The Clan Part 1: Lost. Considering that's when I finally realised that I've fallen too hard into the Monsta X trash can and there was no saving me now. Stuck had me shook. The vocals are amazing. Everyone is in relatively simple outfits but they look so good and the dance is so much fun.
Look at these pretty beans. They're so great. Someone save me. (but no don't, I actually enjoy it. Leave me.)
On the topic of Stuck though, I really enjoyed the entire album. All In was AMAZING and jamming to 반칙이야 is so much fun.
In other news, I've only recently joined the Monsta X Vingle Comm. Hi guys! I don't Vingle too often, and I read more than I create content, but I just wanted to say hi! =]
I loved 'Right Now'! 😍 I've been tempted to marathon it~
IT'S SO GOOD!! I marathon'ed it and I swear I fell more in love with these dorks.
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