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You where just sitting there on your phone quietly watching the video of your boyfriends hit the stage performance while he played video games with his bambam. You where so absorbed and memorized by his moves that you kept playing that one part over and over. You had your bottom lip trapped between your teeth at the way he was thrusting his hips. You have been dating a year now but you two haven't actually done the deed. Not that you haven't come close but with his schedules your time to be together is either spent cuddling up on the couch watchingovies, playing video games, or watching him do some dance moves.
While you where busy biting your lip and watching his videos you didn't realize Yugyeom asked you a question. It wasn't until you heard BamBam laugh that you reals ed you lip and said "Huh," and look up and see Bambam give you an evil smirk. "y/n, what has you so entranced over there?" "Nnnnothing," you stutter and you try to hide your phone but Yugyeom grabs it. His face and yours blush crimson. He then looks at you and a glint enters his eye. Your throat suddenly becomes dry, and you try to swallow. He leans over and whispers in Bambam's ear and you notice he becomes crismon. He gets up and excuses himself.
Again your bottom lip finds it way between your teeth as he pulls himself up on the couch and crawls towards you. His thumb releases your lip. He cups your cheek and leans in and places his for head against yours staring into your eyes. Your heart feels as if it stopped beating. You lick your bottom lip subconsciously. He leans down to your ear and whispers..."y/n where you imagining me thrusting up in you when you where watching me dance?" He looks at you and before you can answer he captures your lips with his and your arms encircle his neck. He deepens the kiss and he presses his clothed body against your clothed body right against your core and you moan. He releases your lips and kisses his way along your jaw to your ear and says "Baby, while i was dancing that part I thought of you each (thrust) and (thrust) every (thrust) time." You felt the bulge in his pants against your pants and moaned. He looks at down at you and you see love I and lust in his eyes. You cup his cheek. "I love you Yugyeom! I don't think you should start something when you don't have the time to finish it."
He gives a small laugh and throws his head backwards. He then looks at you and throws you a smart heart. "I love you too and I actually have plenty of time to start something and finish it." He takes your hands in his and places it above your head and leans down once more and places his lips next to your ears should we take this to the bedroom.
He released your hands and got up from you and stood up. Before you could fully sit up you felt arms go beneath you and lift you up off the couch. You wrap your arms around his neck and press a kiss to his lips. He grabs your ass and you wrap your legs around him. He walks forward to your bedroom as he captures your lips again. A moan escapes your lips as you feel his hand massaging your butt and another pressing you closer to his body. Your hands tangle in his hair caressing his scalp. He finally comes up for air as he walks into your bedroom and kicks the door close with his foot. He tosses you onto the bed. He rios his shirt off over his head and kicks his shoes off. He walks over to you and leans down and grabs your hands. He pins your wrists above your head with one of his hands. Then leans down and kisses your forehead, eyes, nose and lips. Then he trails kisses down your neck. Biting and sucking alternatively. He finds that one spot and it makes you moan and arch your back. He grins against your neck. then trail his tongue up your neck to your ear and whispers "I am going to make you scream my name tonight (y/n). Do you want that?" A moaned yes leaves your lips as you feel his hand grope your breast through your tshirt You bite your lip as he continues assaulting your neck with little love bites. He stops looks down at you and releases your hands to takes both his hands and rips open down the middle of your tshirt. You gasp in awe. He sucks in a breath, then looks down at you with a smirk. You look back up at him and bite your lip once more as your hands go up to cover your breasts but he takes his one hand and pins your wrists above your head once again. He looks down at you and takes his free hand and trails it down your body, lightly teasing you. He leans down a breath away from your lips as his and trails down to your waist, then finds the button on your jeans and pops it open and unzippers your pants. His hand finds it way to your underwear where he cups your core. "I have a year of pent up sexual frustration and I aim to hit all your spots to get you to scream my name in pleasure. We have all night, baby girl." He rubs you gently as he smashes his lips against yours. A loud moan escapes and he release your hands and take his hand to cup your cheek. He stops the kiss and to look at you once more her. You lean up and use your hands to unbutton his jeans and unzip them. He stops rubbing you and lets you push his pants down. Then he pushes you back down on the bed and pulls your jeans off all the way and pulls your underwear off as well. He pulls you to the edge of the bed and rubs your thighs as he descends kisses down your stomach. Moving down south further and blows air against your clit. Your hitch of breath turns him on more. He moves his head further south. He licks you up and down slowly at first and nipping here and there. All the while rubbing your clit in a circular motion. He's amazed at how wet your are for him. His tongue darts in and out of you, as he places an arm to press your waist down on the bed. Your hands find his hair and pulls as you screams out his name "YUGYEOM". He tastes all of your juice, stops and crawls back up your body and capture your lips in a kiss; letting you taste yourself. As you taste yourelf against his lips and tongue; you moan. You lean up and push him off. He looks at you as you get on your knees. You trail your fingers down his abs. "Aren't you wearing too much? It's my turn to please you," You say as your hand finds the top of his boxers. You cup him through his boxers. He moans and bites his lips. You kiss and bite down his abs to the top of his boxers. You push them down and his long cock springs forward. You look up at him and lick your lips. Then take him inside your mouth slowly taking him to the back of your throat. Slowly going back up letting your teeth lightly graze the underside of him. His breath hitches when your back at the top and suck a little before going back down increasing the speed. You finally feel his hands in your hair holding you still for a moment when he is in the back of your throat, you hum. He then thrusts in and out of your mouth at his own pace. He stops and pulls out of you . "(y/n), you still have your bra on. I think that needs to be rectified." You sit up on your knees reach behind your back and unclasp your bra, throw your bra to the floor. You look at Yugyeom and he is licking his lips. He kneels on the bed and towards you and captures your lips pushing you down on the bed. He releases your lips and trail kisses down to your breasts capturing one in his mouth. Using his one hand to knead the other. You moan and arch up into his mouth as you feel his member throbbing against your legs. He wraps his arms around you and switches places with you. He looks up at you. "Ride me (y/n)!" he commands. You lower yourself down on his member gasping and biting your lip as you feel him fill you up. He watches as you lower yourself onto his member. Once he is all in, he waits for you to adjust to accommodate him. You then start to bounce up and down on his dick. He reachs up and grabs your breasts. He caresses them and kneads them. You moans and bite your lips and look down at him. You hair is all wild and sexy, and you bring your hands up into your hair and shake it out. He moans. You take that as your cue to grind against him and lean forward to captures his lips. His hands go to your waist and grab. He moves you up and down on his member as your tongues wrestles. You bites his lower lip as he stops the kiss to breathe. He flips bot of you over and thrust into you. You lifts your hips and locks your ankles around him. You meet him thrust for thrust. Moaning and letting little gasps out as he finds your spot. "Gyeomie, harder. Go harder and faster. Please," you beg. He obliges you and rams in and out of you hitting your sweet spot. He feels your walls tighten around him as you scream out his name. He follows soon after you groaning out your name. He leans down and kisses you. He pull outs of you and collapse down next to you and pulls you into his arms and kisses your head. You snuggle deep into his side as he pulls the covers up over the both of you. You fall asleep unaware of him watching you with the biggest smile once his face before you falls asleep with you in his arms.
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