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Hey guys!! Welcome to the first Moonbin Monday!!

Facts about Moonbin:

~ He was born on January 26th of 1998.
~He's blood type B.
~He has a younger sister. Her name is Moon Soo Ah, she was on Unpretty Rapstar season two and she's a YG trainee. (picture is of him and his sister!)
~He can play the piano.
~He was a child actor and model.
~Him and his best friend (iKON's Chanwoo) share the same birthday.
~He trained the longest among the other Astro members.
~His role model is Taeyang of BigBang.
~His surname(Family name) is Moon and his given name is Bin.
~He is known to be able to sleep anywhere.
That's it for this Moonbin Monday! I hope you enjoyed this!
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