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[TRANS] Ohmynews article: "Even the dorms are chaotic... A little chat with EXO" "EXO knows each other well- for example, to fit everyone's eating styles, they put sauce on half of the sweet & sour pork and half w/o" Current EXO room arrangements: 1. Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Xiumin, Tao 2. Sehun, Luhan, Kyungsoo 3. Suho, Kai, Chen 4. Lay, Kris, Manager Lay: I always share my room with manager hyung. I think he likes me (all members laugh) Q: Any complaints about your roommates? Baekhyun: Not my room but Suho's room. bc Suho's frequently sick, they can't turn on the aircon Kai: Because we're so busy with our schedules, we get sick easily because we're always tired. That's why we don't turn on the aircon Q: But in weather like this these days, it's so hot! Chen: That's why we tried everything that we could. We tried opening the windows too. Kai: I always had a hard time. I would wake up covered in sweat. These days, we found a fan that no one was using, so we're enduring the heat with that. We say: "Let's only turn it on for 1 hour." So Chen and I don't have a lot of complaints but the other members who come to our room say that our room is like a sauna! Baekhyun: The other members are so fresh after they wash, but only these kids (Chen and Kai) are sticky (laughs) Chen: But the good thing is that we never got hypothermia (sick from the cold)! Q: Because we're talking about weather, it reminded me- you never went on a break? EXO: Nope, we haven't. Q: What do you want to do right now then? Baekhyun: I want to go home and eat food from my house. Because these days we always order food. Chanyeol: I want to go to a beach or a waterpark with the Exo members. Kai: Right. Not a while back, we went to a waterpark because they had a special event but... Chanyeol: Right below the stage was the wave pool. I really want to jump into the pool but because I had a mic attached (to me), I forced myself not to. But we're all having a good time at the dorms together, so I think that is fortunate enough for us. That we're together. Q: Oh right, recently you were on Weekly Idol and I found all of you very funny. Who is the member is the most different on and off camera? Chanyeol: I'm not sure. Well, we haven't been on a lot of programs so far firstly. We don't really hide our personalities on TV. I think we showed a lot of our own personalities on Weekly Idol. Q: If you see broadcasts, you can see Baekhyun & Chanyeol are always fooling around. Is this the 'Beagle' line / ship? CY: We were always like this since EXO-K promotions started. Since we both like to fool around, we play often in the car. BaK: When someone fools around, D.O becomes Hyo-Do-Ryu (a wrestler?) D.O (seriously): It's bc you are fooling around. The kids are loud. Q: Is it true that D.O really has enough power to cause earthquakes? CY: I felt this recently- I feel like this is his character BK: "The cold fighter" kind of feeling? D.O (once again seriously): That is only how you two think. BK: "The cold fighter" kind of feeling? D.O (once again seriously): That is only how you two think. Q: It'll be fun if you film a variety show? Lay: First, we need to move houses... Kai: Our dorm is messy bc we're too busy to clean CY: For the first time, all 12 members are in the same dorm. BC we moved houses at the same time as our comeback, we couldn't clean and since our fans give us many presents, those are getting stacked up... In the beginning, I thought our living room was big enough to kick a ball or ride a bicycle. But now we don't even have space for all of us to sit. Maybe 3 or 4 people can barely sit? Chen: But if we can, I think it'll be very fun to film a real variety show with all 12 members. Q: Recently you came on 'We Got Married'? CY: At that time, the only feeling we had was feeling bad / sorry (to fans) Kai: When the event ended, we sent Taemin a "I love you" message. It was a request from a friend so I was nervous and didn't do well Suho: I think the only thing we did did well was cook the meat CY: We filmed for an hour but only 1 min was broadcasted? (laughs) CY: In the middle, the PD said that he liked that part, and only that part came out on broadcast? Q: Were you jealous of the Taemin-Naeun couple? Or was it bc of the meat? Kai: The couple's lovely image was nice to see CY: Sorry for being so nervous. Though it was a TV show, it was the first event and I feel like we ruined it. Baekhyun: It's because we don't have a lot of experience on shows Lay: But the meat was really good! Q: If an EXO member filmed WGM? CY: I want Kyungsoo to film it. He's very caring Chen: Kyungsoo delicately takes care of people Kai: No, I want all of us to try. I wonder how each member will be like on WGM Trans credits: @HAPPYLUHANS