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Actress Soo Ae leaves her agency of 12 years
Actress Soo Ae is now a free agent. Her former agency Star J Entertainment stated on the 27th, "Soo Ae's business affairs with her management of 12 years will come to an end. With her greeting at the screening of her film 'The Flu' last weekend, she officially discontinued her business relations with Star J Entertainment." "We think of it as an honor to have worked with Soo Ae who won various awards and conducted charity work thanks to her stable acting ability and diligent personality. We sincerely wish her the best on her future career as an actress who wants to be more independent in her activities." SEE ALSO: Actress Soo Ae almost debuted as an idol rapper? Previously, there was talk of the actress leaving Star J Entertainment after she wrapped up the drama 'Queen of Ambition', which the agency denied.
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