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The Pains of Our Yesterdays Chapter 1: Uncanny Bond

Hi guys! So, I know it's been forever since I've posted a story, aside from the one-shot I did for the competition (for which I am super pumped about). I'm still not finished with the story as work has been pretty crazy recently. But I've been working on it as much as I could. Normally, I don't like posting chapters before I'm finished, but I wanted to get this out there so you can get a taste for the story. Some of it will be dark like this chapter, and some of it will be silly and fluffy, and most of it will be a mix. There are possibly a few small trigger warnings scattered throughout, but it shouldn't be anything too bad. I think this chapter is as bad as it gets. The story originally had crazy long chapters, but I re-edited them so not all of them are as long as this chapter. I'm also trying something new (for me) with this story, so I hope it works out. I'm not sure if I'll post anymore chapters before I'm done with the entire story, but if I do, it'll probably just be the next chapter next week. I'll hurry my butt up, I promise. I really hope you enjoy this new story. I didn't post an intro card for this story because I did a small segment at the epilogue of Too Much. So I'll just let this chapter introduce the story. I really hope you enjoy it. And I hope the title isn't too cheesy, it just seemed to work. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged or untagged. Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up and BTS themselves are not BTS in this story. And, of course, I don't know the BTS boys personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional. Character thoughts are in { }.
Next: Chapter 2Word Count: 4457 Warning: Mild language, suggestive content, Trigger warning: attempted rape
The sound of her footsteps were the only thing Jiyoung heard as she walked down the deserted street. She wasn’t quite sure where she was, but she knew that the house she was looking for was somewhere in that area. She pulled the picture out of her pocket and studied it under a nearby streetlamp. Behind the four people in the picture was the house she was looking for. It was the only place she had left to go. She couldn’t go back to the hellhole that was her ‘home’. Jiyoung sighed as she placed the picture back in her jacket pocket. She readjusted the straps of her ratty, falling-apart backpack and looked up at the moon. Without a clock, she was only able to make a rough guestimate of the amount of time she’d been walking; maybe three hours or so, making it about 4 a.m. She was tired and her feet were sore, and probably bleeding, but she had to find the house. A few more blocks and she’d reach the end of the neighborhood where she would then go and turn down the next street. Because it was dark, and she was only getting more tired, it was becoming exceedingly more difficult to scrutinize the houses. But it didn’t matter, she would walk the entire night if she had to. The street slowly slanted uphill as she continued. A sound from the alleyway a few houses behind her broke the silence. A dog started barking and she in turn froze. Jiyoung looked back towards the mouth of the alleyway but there was no movement or sound. She let out a shaky breath and continued. She made sure to keep a wide berth as she approached another alley. She looked down the dark alleyway and, noticing nothing usual, she turned back to her task. Her feet skidded to a halt when she saw the hooded figure standing in front of her. It was only a few feet away. How had she not heard anything? Trying to avoid provoking the figure, she made small movements to turn her feet, preparing to run. The sound of metal shifting drew her attention to the figure’s hand. The moonlight reflected off the blade and her breath hitched in her throat. “If you run, it’ll just be that much worse for you,” the male voice warned. Jiyoung POV “If you run, it’ll just be that much worse for you,” the man warned. The lilt in his voice suggested that he wanted me to run. Thoughts raced through my head. If I stayed still, he was going to do whatever he wanted to me and I would’ve let him. The man’s face was covered, but his voice suggested that he was probably in his 30s and small amount of light from the street light behind him was enough for me to tell that his body was about average build. If he really did want me to run, it suggested that his body was more than capable of keeping up. But I couldn’t just stand there. I couldn’t keep letting myself be a victim. As soon as the man took a step forward, I bolted diagonally to the other side of the street and towards the end of the neighborhood. I knew that all I wasn’t in very good athletic shape, but all I had to do was beat him until I got to the edge of the neighborhood and then I’d be in what I was informed was a well-known clubbing area. Even at this time, there should still be people coming and going. It was a Friday night, now Saturday morning, after all. My lungs were burning as I tried to run as fast as I could. I could hear him behind me, but I didn’t know how close or far he was. I only made it two blocks before I felt my head get yanked back sharply. The man had somehow managed to grab part of my ponytail. The jerk didn’t hurt my scalp, I had been dragged around by my hair too much for me to feel the pain anymore, but that didn’t mean that Newton’s Laws didn’t still apply. And the whiplash did hurt. The man wrapped my ponytail around his hand and forced me to look at him. “Now we’re gonna have some fun,” he sneered. Fear took over my whole body and I screamed louder than I’d screamed in my entire life. Louder even than the first time they locked me in the closet. I barely recognized the sound of my own voice. The man quickly clamped his free hand over my mouth. I felt cold metal of the blade against my open mouth, clanking against my teeth. “Do that again, bitch. I dare you,” he snarled into my ear. By the sound of his voice, I would be lucky to make it out of this alive. Then he dragged me towards another alley just to the side and ahead of us. My feet tangled together causing me to slip and him to lose his grasp on my mouth. The knife dropped and I screamed for help again. This was probably going to be my last chance. My head was yanked down as he grabbed the blade. He quickly held it to my throat. “Do that again and I’ll slit you from ear to ear. Understand?” I couldn’t think, I just stared at the reflection on his face from the light on the blade. “Understand?!” He shook me by my ponytail. I somehow managed to grab hold of my thoughts and let out a shaky “yes”. “Good.” He continued dragging me to the alley. The farther from the light he took me, the more I felt my hope slip away. Once we reached the middle, where the light from the streetlamps barely reached, he let go of my hair and slammed me into the wall. The backpack dug into my back and I let out a hiss of pain. He held the knife to my throat again and said, “Now, remember what I said. You scream, you’re dead. I don’t need you alive for this next part, but it’d be nice to have a little resistance.” His voice sent a chill down my spine. He meant it. “Take off the backpack.” I carefully removed the straps, making sure that my movements didn’t cause the blade to cut me. Straps removed, he allowed me to move off the wall just enough to let it drop. He gently maneuvered me back against the wall, contrary to his previous rough behavior. That was even scarier. The knife trailed down from my throat to the top of my shirt. “I hope you don’t mind.” With a sawing motion, the knife cut through the collar of my T-shirt and then easily parted the rest. I couldn’t stop my shaking. “Mmm. Perfect. A little on the skinny side, but you’ll do.” The knife went back to my throat as his free hand groped one of my breasts. I closed her eyes and just prayed to God or whoever was listening that it would be as quick and painless as possible. His tongue slid across my collarbone sending a disgusted shudder throughout my body and causing the knife to barely cut my skin. “Hey!” I heard a man’s voice yell. I looked and saw a man standing at the mouth of the alley. By the sound of his labored breathing he had run there. {Did he hear my screams?} “The fuck do you think you’re doing?” “I suggest you leave before I cut you,” my captor sneered. He was obviously not intimidated by the lone man. He turned his attention back to me, the sneer still on his face. “Jesus, hyung. Why did you run like—“ A second man stopped next to the first, his voice cutting off when he followed the first man’s gaze. He was still huffing to catch his breath. “The fuck? You’ve got to be kidding me.” A second later, five more men caught up to the first two. I felt hope surge through me. Was it possible that I was saved? “What’s the matt—“ the third voice cut off. With the appearance of the other men, the man with the knife finally stopped and turned his full attention to newcomers. He took the blade and brandished it towards them. “Back off. This is none of your business.” I could hear that the arrogance and spite in his voice was replaced by fear. When the men advanced, he was quick to turn the blade back to my throat. I held my breath to keep from moving. “Back off or I’ll slit her throat.” The first man who arrived spoke up. “No you won’t. I suggest you let her go and give yourself a head start before we get over there and take care of you ourselves.” The streetlight was behind him so his face was shrouded in shadows, but his voice resonated with authority. The eyes of the man with the knife flickered back and forth between me and the men who were slowly, but steadily, approaching. “I’d run if I were you,” my second savior warned. The second man’s words appeared to have the desired reaction as the man with the blade turned and ran. I finally let out my breath. My legs buckled and I slumped down to the ground. The men quickly ran over. The first man was the first to reach me. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you? Should we call an ambulance?” It was like I heard his voice from a distance, everything was fuzzy. I barely registered that my body was shaking. “Miss? Miss? Are you okay?” The touch of a hand on my shoulder jerked me back to reality. I fearfully looked at the men and flinched away from the touch. They had saved me but their touch was just too much at the moment. It was like the other man was still there. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have touched you. Not after what you just went through. I’m sorry.” The second man took off his jacket and quickly held it up to me, covering my front without touching me. At first, I didn’t understand what he was doing, but then it dawned on me. The bad man had cut my shirt open. This new person was trying to cover me. I felt a surge of gratefulness and relief; but the bad thoughts warned that these new men might just want to finish what the first had started. My ‘mother’ had warned me about men and their inability to control their primitive desires. I held the jacket against my almost bare torso. “Th-thank y-you,” I managed to stammer. I looked at the seven men gathered around me. I knew that I always had to take my mother’s words with a grain of salt, I believe the saying was. I could never trust that woman. And the eyes and actions of these men seemed to contradict her warning. “Thank you,” I choked out and then burst into tears. I couldn’t help it. Everything was too overwhelming. I barely noticed that the first man had reached out his arm again, but he pulled back. He probably didn’t want me to react like I had before. The other men joined the first in kneeling down. For some reason, it was comforting, knowing that they weren’t towering over me anymore. “You’re not hurt are you?” One of the other men asked. I looked up at him. I used one arm to hold the jacket up and used my free hand to try to wipe away my tears. “I—I don’t th-think so,” I stuttered. “That’s good then,” the man replied back. “Hey, uh, we’ll look away. You can put the jacket on. It zips up in the front.” The second man directed the other men to look away. I quickly slipped on the jacket. For some reason, the feel of the leather comforted me. I zipped it up. It was a little too big for me, but that only comforted me even more. It felt like I was protected in it. “Is it okay to look?” “Mm. It’s okay,” I responded. “Do you want us to call the police?” Another one of the men, this one blonde, asked. “No!” I quickly shot out. If they called the police, they would contact my family. I couldn’t let those people find me after I’d just barely managed to escape. “I mean, no thank you. I’m okay now.” The men looked at each other, probably wondering why I didn’t want the police involved in what was obviously an attempted rape. “Okay, we won’t call, it’s okay,” another blonde male replied gently. “Can you stand up?” The first man asked me. I quickly assessed that my legs were still not cooperating. I shook my head. “That’s okay. Do you want to stay sitting or would you like us to help you up?” He offered his hand to me. I had just escaped from a man trying to rape me and here were seven more men offering their help. For some reason, I wanted to prove my mother wrong. I wanted to believe that there were good people, even if she wasn’t one of them. I debated with myself but finally decided that they looked like good people. Especially the first man, something about him made me feel safe. There was genuine concern in the eyes of all the men, but for some reason, the first man’s expression comforted me the most. Maybe because he was the first one there. He put himself at risk, especially if the others hadn’t followed him. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. I put my right hand in his outstretched hand. The second man was quick to hold out his hand as well and I took it with my other hand. The two men helped me to my feet. Immediately, my legs started to sway. The men gripped me tightly to keep me steady. “Thank you,” I said again. “ did you know I needed help?” “Hyung said he heard screaming and took off down the street,” one of the men, who appeared to be a bit too hyper for the time of night, responded. “We thought he was crazy, but decided to follow him anyway. Glad we did.” The other men made sounds of agreement. “Me too,” I said, a small smile escaping my lips. The men smiled back. They all had warm smiles. “Let’s head back to the street so we can see each other a little better,” the first man offered. I nodded my head in agreement. I wanted to better see these men who had saved my life. I had almost forgotten about my backpack. I turned around and reached down to grab my backpack, almost losing my balance in the process. The second man was quick to steady me while one of the other men grabbed it for me. “Do you want it right now or can I carry it until you’re a little more steady?” the dark-haired man asked. “If that’s okay. Just for a couple minutes.” I figured it’d be a good idea until I got the strength back in my legs. The man smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. His smile was very warming and made me feel comforted. Actually, the aura from all the men made me feel safe. Maybe I was too trusting because they had saved my life, but they looked genuinely concerned and looked like nice guys. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that, even in the dim lighting, I could tell that they were all very handsome. The first two men held out their hands that were farthest from me to use for support and used their closer hands to rest on my shoulder blades and help steady me. Once we reached the street, they stopped. I could see them better now that the light was just off to the side of where we were standing. “Oh, we should probably introduce ourselves. I’m Seokjin, but you can just call me Jin,” my first savior said. “This is—“ “Hoseok,” my second savior cut in as he gave me a beaming smile. I couldn’t help the fluttering feeling I got in my stomach at the sight of his smile. I was sure it was from that ‘fight-flight’ thing, or whatever it’s called, in the aftermath of my attack. The one carrying my backpack was the next to answer. “I’m Jimin,” he smiled gently at me. His smile was warm, so I returned it. “I’m Taehyung,” the hyper one piped up. His voice was surprisingly deep considering how old he looked. “I’m Yoongi,” said the blonde man who had asked if I wanted them to call the police. I was also pretty sure that he was the one who had spoken up when the whole group ran to the first two. “I’m Namjoon.” This was the other blonde one who had said that they wouldn’t call after I snapped at them; I felt bad for having snapped at them. Namjoon had deep dimples that were even more prominent in the strange lighting. The last one to answer was the one who had asked if I was hurt after I had burst into tears, “I’m Jungkook.” I made sure to run through their names several times to try to keep them straight. Then I noticed their expressions, like they were silently asking my name. “I’m Jiyoung.” “Oh my God!” Jin exclaimed, causing all of us to jump. “What the hell—“ Yoongi started. “You’re bleeding,” Jin said worriedly. He reached out to touch me before pulling back. “On—on your neck. I think he cut you.” He hurriedly dug through his pockets and then pulled out a small pack of tissue, the kind you get from those random people passing them out on the street. He quickly opened the pack and pulled one out, handing it to me. He pointed to the left side of my neck. I felt happy to know he was being extra cautious to not make me uncomfortable, but I decided it wasn’t necessary. Unless they were all amazing actors at hiding their true intentions, which I highly doubted, they were sincere in their concern and, for some reason, I trusted them already. I held the tissue out to him. “I can’t see it. Can you...” I tilted my head to the right, giving him better access to the wound. He let out a smile that assured me I had made the right choice in trusting them. He put one hand on the right side of my neck to keep it from moving too much. He started to clean up the blood that had trickled down my neck and apparently pooled in the groove of collar bone. There was a look in his eyes as he took in my appearance. I wondered if he noticed... When I was on the train, I stared into my reflection and compared my looks with the few people who were around. I noticed the differences that he too probably saw. The way my high cheekbones only emphasized the fact that my cheeks looked a bit gaunt and my eyes had noticeably dark circles under them and appeared slightly sunken. I was neither tall, nor short, but I guessed that the man’s—Hoseok’s—jacket, that was too big on me, probably accentuated how thin I was. His eyes seemed to ask questions as they darted around, taking my appearance in. I hoped that he wouldn’t ask. He finished cleaning up the blood and, perhaps hesitantly, stepped back. “It looks like it’s already stopped bleeding,” he said. “If—if it’s okay to ask, if I’m not overstepping my boundaries, what...what’s a girl like you doing out here this time of night? I mean, I know it’s not usually a bad neighborhood, but it’s still dangerous.” It was a valid question, but the bad thoughts kept asking why they were there. The doubts started to creep back in. “What were you guys doing out here?” I asked cautiously. “I suppose that’s a fair question. There’s a popular club a couple blocks that way,” he said indicating to my right somewhere past the edge of the neighborhood. “It gets packed with all the people coming and going so we usually park a couple blocks away and just walk. We were heading back to our cars when I heard you.” “Oh...” I replied, carefully mulling over the validity of the statement. There was no deception in his voice. {It’s okay.} “Well, I was looking for a house. My aunt’s house, actually.” I pulled the picture out of my pocket and handed it to Jin. The other boys looked over his shoulder. “Why this time of night? Wouldn’t it be better to wait till the morning?” Namjoon asked. “No, I couldn’t wait any longer...” I trailed off. I was afraid of saying too much. “Do you have the address?” Hoseok asked. I shook my head. “Then...have you just been walking up and down the neighborhood?!” I nodded. “For how long?!” Jimin cut in. “Counting from the time I got off the train, it’s been somewhere around three hours or so.” “What?!” all the men exclaimed. “I’m not sure though. I’m just guessing by how far the moon has moved. Do one of you guys have the time?” “You don’t have a phone?” Taehyung asked. I shook my head again. Jungkook pulled his out and said, “4:37.” “Ah, ok. About three and a half hours then.” “Okay, so you don’t have a phone. But why wouldn’t you just call your aunt from home to ask her address?” “Well, first, I don’t have her number. I only have this picture and I remember her mentioning the name of the neighborhood one of the times when she came over. Also, I couldn’t call from home... I was afraid I’d wake one of them up. I had to sneak out of my window since they keep my door locked. Usually the windows too, but I’d been working on them for a couple days.....” I froze when I realized I was saying too much. “They lock you in your room?” Jungkook asked. “You look older than me and I’m old enough to drink.” “I...uh...” my eyes quickly darted around as I felt the panic started to creep back in. I clutched the jacket around me tightly and took a step back. “That’s okay. You don’t have to tell us. We’re sorry for prying. We won’t ask you anymore, ok?” Jin was quick to reply. His voice cut through the panic and helped to soothe me. The bad thoughts quieted. “Can I just ask where you’re going to be staying? It’s too late for you to be looking, you won’t be able to see anything. Do you have money for a hotel?” I slowly shook her head. {How was I supposed to answer?} “I wasn’t allowed to keep my money... I barely managed to hide enough for the train here with just a little bit left over.” The embarrassment I felt in answering helped me to feel more justified in leaving. I shouldn’t have to be ashamed of everything about me. I saw that the men wanted to ask me more questions, but they fortunately didn’t. “That’s fine. I’ll get you a hotel.” I looked at Jin with wide eyes. They had been kind enough in saving me, I couldn’t let them put themselves out for me. “No way. I can’t allow you to do that. You’ve already saved my life, I can’t let you pay for—“ “What good was it to save your life if you’re going to stay here and probably end up in the same situation? That man is still around here somewhere.” He raised his voice and there was something in his voice as he spoke. It almost sounded like anger, but not quite. I’d heard that tone before, a long time ago, when my grandparents had somehow found out that I’d been climbing the cliffs at the gorge again. Grandfather said that he wasn’t angry at me so much as he was upset at the thought of what could’ve happened. He had hugged me tightly and tears that he rarely shed had dripped onto my shirt. I had promised that I’d never do it again...and I never did. {Ah...this is the feeling of having someone being concerned for you. It’s been so long, I’d almost forgotten}. I’d only barely met the men a handful of minutes ago, but I felt as if I had already forged some sort of bond with all of them. It was uncanny and a little scary. “There’s another choice... I don’t want you to take it the wrong way, though. We have a place you can stay. With us...” Jin looked at me trying to gauge my reaction. If someone other than these men had suggested it to me, I probably would’ve instantly taken off. Instead, I was just hesitant and uncertain. My head debated with my heart, arguing that I’d only just met these men. Men. Who I was supposed to be wary of, being a female who could barely take care of herself. But my heart was convinced of their sincerity and concern. {They’re just being kind}, I kept telling the bad thoughts. “It’s not an empty room. It’s Yoongi and Namjoon’s younger sister’s. But it’s pretty big and she’s a sweet kid. I know she wouldn’t mind sharing.” That aspect seemed to start to win my head’s approval, though it was still wary. “Here.” Jin handed me his phone. “You can access emergency services from the lock screen.” He pointed it out. “We can take you there and if you decide you don’t want to, I’ll take you wherever you want. And if you feel at all uncomfortable, you can leave at any time. And if you feel threatened, you can call the police from there. There’s a GPS chip in the phone so they can track it. Is that alright?” I looked around at the other guys trying to read their expressions. The same concern I saw before was still present on their faces. Hesitantly at first, and then with more certainty, I nodded my head. The guys’ faces broke out in wide grins filled with relief. And I returned it. “Shall we?” Jin and Hoseok held out their arms again. I took them with a smile, feeling safer than I had in the last 10 years.
I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. I know, it's a little dark, but I promise it' a roller coaster after that, lol. I'm really happy to be working on this. Thank you to @Mavis2478 for this story. I was in a writer's block while posting Too Much and couldn't think of another story. She was kind enough to help me with this and gave me an opportunity to bring her story line to life. So thank you. I really hope you enjoy it and it doesn't disappoint. Same goes to everyone, I hope it turns out well. Please don't be afraid to leave comments, including constructive criticism. Being in a country where I almost never speak anything more than the simplest of English kinda makes it hard to write it English. So please forgive me for any mistakes or repetitiveness. Also, I'm tagging people from my Too Much story, so please let me know if you would liked to be untagged. And any new people, please let me know if you would like me to add you. Thanks for reading my (and @Mavis2478 's) story and I hope you enjoy reading the rest of Jiyoung's journey with the boys.
You didn't disappoint me, I really liked the first part and I am sure that other people did too. Can't wait to read more!
@Mavis2478 thanks. I really hope it continues to work out well. Sorry it's been taking so long. I'm just glad to finally start putting it out. It's been too long, lol.
I didn't mean it in that way, just take your time.
@Mavis2478 Oh, I know u didn't mean it that way, I'm just frustrated at myself for taking so long, that's all
Good start....(and thank you, good grammar).
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@YessicaCardenas I will do so. I'm glad you're enjoying them :)
Yes I am 😊. Thank you
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