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Song Joong Ki waves goodbye to fans as he enters the military
Grab your tissues! The day fans have dreaded has come as Song Joong Ki has just officially enlisted. The actor greeted the fans who had gathered at his enlistment site, sharing, "I will return healthy and well. Don't worry... Thank you so much for coming to visit me from far away." Song Joong Ki entered the 102nd battalion in Chuncheon, Gangwondo where he will undergo training for 5 weeks and serve as a soldier for 21 months. Best of luck, Song Joong Ki!
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@hebamaher lmh oppa my lucky oppa ;) <3
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good luck...
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take care...maru...gd bless u... stay healthy all the time..
4 years ago·Reply
fans are proud of you, godbless and gudluck!:)
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