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INFINITE congratulates Sungyeol on his birthday
INFINITE's Sungyeol turns 22 (23 in Korean age) today (August 27 KST) and his fellow members showed their love as they congratulated their beloved choding member. [SEEALSO][/SEEALSO] Woohyun tweeted, "Sungyeol jjang♥", along with a cute group shot of INFINITE with bubbles that read, "Happy birthday, Sungyeol ang♥ kekeke", "I'm Sungjong keke", and "Hoya's muscles", bringing smiles to fans' faces. Sungjong also took to his own Twitter and wrote, "Yeol hyung~^^ Happy birthday bbyong! I'm #1 >_<", and Hoya shouted out, "Happy birthday Sungyeol ah~!!! I hope today is the best day of your life! ^-^" Fans also didn't forget to chime in with their own messages, responding with comments like "Happy birthday, Sungyeol!", "Eat a lot of seaweed soup today and hwaiting", and more. Happy birthday, Sungyeol!