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Bard from Forsaken World
YukiGodbless : Bard from Forsaken World Online JiakiDarkness : Photographer Costume,props,edit,CG by YukiGodbless Special thanks to : [http://jinxmim.deviantart.com/] for video of this cosplay : [http://youtu.be/EBczwOHvU8Y] I made this costume and weapon for 3 weeks with Jiaki's help.My material is EVA only and also paint all colors in this costume by brush only with acrylic color. everything is hand made only. If you like my cosplay please like these page to for see more of my art and cosplay^^ YukiGodbless's fan page [All of my cosplay] : [https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yuki-Godbless-FC/128280893850359] JiakiDarkness's fan page [All of his cosplay] : [https://www.facebook.com/pages/JiakiDarkness-FC/139445679400454]
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