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Artist Bill Murdron and his site [http://www.billmudron.com/] @shoenami This is for you, sis!
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@YinofYang There's a 12th doctor already but i haven't watched any of the 11th Doctor yet..lol still can't get over Daid Tenant I guess XD
@shoenami I know you haven't. I think it'd so cute how everyone has their very own favorite Doctor.
@YinofYang lol.. you know me so well! XD who is yours sis?
@shoenami I don't have one currently, but I really do feel a lot of love for David Tennant.
@YinofYang @shoenami as much as I enjoy Ten-nant (and he is great don't get me wrong) the forth doctor will always be my favorite. He's so grumpy and iconic. This picture is great though, reminds me of Girl in the Fireplace.