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Finally got my B.A.P Charm Strap for my Backpack!<3
Kekekeke, i just wanted to share again (x lol. I love B.A.P lotss <3 <3 ~ i can't wait for another MV; this time it should be another cute one like 'Stop It' <3 cx WELL. i just wanted to show you guys LOL. B.A.P FIGHTING~! \^o^/
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@Kaethe94 On Amazon xD
4 years ago·Reply
Oh yay!! I was afraid you got it somewhere exotic. Like from Korea or some other country xD
4 years ago·Reply
@Kaethe94 Lol xD it got shipped from Thailand which is weirdd o-o' lol.
4 years ago·Reply
Lol well atleast I can obtain it! No matter where it comes from! Haha
4 years ago·Reply
Yeahh xD lol
4 years ago·Reply