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Southern Belle's is a delicious breakfast restaurant in Plainfield, IL. I adore Eggs Benedict and one of Belle's creations has it with chorizo. Let me just say that it goes beautifully together, but it's a big meal. My Photography/©CGeske Photography
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i like eggs benedict with sausage as well
@JohnLee @divalycious @curtisb This is my favorite as well, though one I don't eat often. I will have to say that I definitely prefer it with Bernais sauce instead of Hollandaise.
Really? Hollandaise is so classic but sometimes its kind of gross
@curtisb Yep, I vastly prefer Bernaise sauce. Hollandaise is alright. I think I just really like the mix of flavors you get with the Bernaise sauce as well.
never tried it with bernaise, will tomorrow thanks!