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All for 280,000 Won (260 usd).
Wad wandering around DongDeamun area for some stuffs for my friends. And not far from Dongdeamun, find an old man who fixed camera, sell those cameras a Pentax, a Lomo, and a Lomo Lubalel for around 260usd. Pretty good deal, i supposed.
@lyricalmotion oh yeah? So in Namdeamun the price is affordable , no ?
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@You can get canon FD 50mm f1.4 for around 50,000won or less. ? for 50000 won that is a good deal i guess. I got my pentax with the lens 55mm 2. for 70,000 won :) I think i was in Yeji-dong, that like flea market, with a lot of repair shops. And the old man was really nice at well.
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god to know , next time I come back there. Definitely going to check those place out.
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