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Wad wandering around DongDeamun area for some stuffs for my friends. And not far from Dongdeamun, find an old man who fixed camera, sell those cameras a Pentax, a Lomo, and a Lomo Lubalel for around 260usd. Pretty good deal, i supposed.
@lyricalmotion oh yeah? So in Namdeamun the price is affordable , no ?
@You can get canon FD 50mm f1.4 for around 50,000won or less. ? for 50000 won that is a good deal i guess. I got my pentax with the lens 55mm 2. for 70,000 won :) I think i was in Yeji-dong, that like flea market, with a lot of repair shops. And the old man was really nice at well.
god to know , next time I come back there. Definitely going to check those place out.