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That RIGHT! a day just for you! seungyoon sweet ONLY YOU NO ONE ELSE!!!.....
Okay I'm lying I have to do another card on a different group today as will.... don't Hate me!
but do trip this card is all about you baby boy!! and all things about you....AND YOU DAMN SEXY LIPS MMM! stop it....

Okey dokey then! let's get started

BIRTH NAME:Kang Seung-yoon STAGE NAME: Seungyoon DATE OF BIRTH: January 21, 1994 BIRTH PLACE: Busan, South Korea HEIGHT: 5′ 10" ROLE: Leader, Vocalist BLOOD TYPE: B


Seung-yoon is a singer-songwriter, actor, and leader of boy group Winner. In 2010, Seung-yoon participated in the reality show Superstar K2. he finished in fourth place.


Seung-yoon is a quick learner, it was said that in 8th grade Seung-yoon had learned how to play a guitar and by the time he completed high school he was a representative of the city in the billiards and learned classical guitar. Seungyoon graduated in 2012 from Busan High school; the school of Arts. which is where he majored in classical guitar.
BACKGROUND Before joining YG entertainment, seungyoon was in a reality show called superstar K2 as a contestant. During the show he released two songs instinctively and I’ll write you a letter. These two songs were hits and instinctively topped the Gaon Chart as well as featured in the county’s top 100 songs in that year. While in Superstar K2 seungyoon promoted the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Seung-yoon along with three other contestants released the song Life is a Tab together also the OST for the Korean drama Midas titled You are Heaven. Seungyoon got the attention of YG Entertainment, CEO Yang Hyun Suk who signed him as an artist.


Seungyoon officially made a debut with YG Entertainment with the release of all kill it Rains song. which was promoted by Park Bom and Sandara Park. It achieved the number one in all the major domestic music charts. but many fans were a little bit disappointed as they were expecting Seungyoon album Wild and Young to be released before hand. Fans however were still satisfied and thrilled at the same time when Seungyoon release a video message thanking all his fans and CEO for their love and support when he was in training with YG and so on.
SCANDAL After his signing with YG Entertainment he appeared in the film High Kick along with Krystal and Lee Jong-Suk. it was rumored that during the movie shooting that seungyoon and Krystal fell for each other.
CAREER & awards His acting skills were on display with the airing of the web drama series We Broke Up which aired in June, 2015 with Sandara Park Seung-yoon lyrics and acting skills has been credited in many quarters and have made quest appearance in many music videos as well, he composed and produced the song ” Love is a Lie ” with the FlipStones. He has been nominated and won several awards including two Rookie of the Year Awards by Cyworld Digital Music and Gaon Chart 2010 Year-end Awards; he also won the best male actor in the drama series We Broke Up in the K-Web Fest Awards in 2015
credit to the source from which the information was received.
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