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Good news for us exo-l

So I was on Facebook just a while ago and I came to an article about Kai. It say that Kai can start dancing again. We all heard the rumors about him getting injured and that he couldn't perform with EXO till he was better. And Kai gave us a very sweet speech he wrote just for us and I won't lie I cried.
I'm so happy that Kai can now start dancing again with our boys!!!! I missed him dearly from being absent with his injury and I know all of us can't wait for him to join the guys and continue doing what he loves. ❤ Let's give Kai are best support for him as he comes back to the boys and comes back for us!
Let us drool over this boy for today. I know I'm a big Sehun fan but all my boys are my babies and every last one of them has my affection and devotion to them. Let's celebrate for Kai's return!!!
I love you Kai! And I'm so happy your back! ❤❤❤❤
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