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The Final Revealed Member of BTS.♡ (Throwback)

man I wish so much that I would've been there when they first debuted
Dont worry i missed an entire year of these dorks, but hey at least we're here now 😊
@PolarStarr I missed two😢 there's so much I want to know still but it's too far back to look up😢
Haha awe hmm i became a fan when they were promoting Boy In Luv, to catch up i basicly kept myself updated and when they finished those promotions i went backwards until their next comeback 😊😊😊
Why did they keep him a secret?
this is true. i should have answered my own question
Lol nahh i like talking to you guys. :) Ask away! :) Like you could have straight up asked if V could shape shift and i would be so cool with that. 😂😂
ahahaa i meant like knowing bighit i should have answered my own question... but then again bighit give us more questions than answers
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