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Lee Jun Ki and Suzy set to win at Seoul Drama Awards 2013
Lee Jun Ki and Suzy will be receiving Hallyu (Korean Wave) Drama Awards at the Seoul Drama Awards 2013. The Hallyu Drama Awards will be going to Arang and the Magistrate and Queen of Ambition. The awards show will be hosted by Gu Family Book’s co-stars Lee Sung Jae and Suzy. Also invited to the awards ceremony is actress Kim Yoon Jin, star of American ABC drama Mistresses. The Seoul Drama Awards 2013 will incorporate 48 countries, and 225 works will be exhibited. The awards ceremony will be broadcasted live via MBC TV and portal site Daum.
i just love dis pic of lee jun ki :)
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congratulation to both of you....
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i love lee jun ki..he is the first korean actor i ever loved....my first love
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jung ki lee cute! @ellainedesierto still watching 2 weeks, wait ko menfinish sakpay buyaen hehe:)
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yeah unni but i will surely buy the disc if its done hehe....for my collection and surely i will watch again :-)
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