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I'm Going to Kreator 2016!

Just found out about a Kreator 2016 event with the YouTubers from the Kbeat crew!

I was wondering if you guys were interested in my filming and sharing it^^

Who is going?

ChonunMigookSaram, LatinaSaram, BapMokja & Haeppy, Andy A47 from Topp Dogg, Jellybeannose, and Sunnydahye!

What will we do?

I have no idea! Probably just do Q&A, games, eating, etc :)

Let me know if you have any questions for them or if you'd like me to film it!

More info HERE!


yes please, film Nalu aka latinasaram and haeppy & bapmojka for a bit. I would send you treats from my country lol. 💕💕
I just found out Nalu would be there I'm so excited!!!
Whitneybae should be there, but maybe next time.
I love ChoNunMiGookSaram so much! I hope you had a blast!
omg I love sunny! ♡♥♡♥
What is kreator about? First time hearing about it.
Its a get together of some Korean youtubers :) I dont know much about it to be honest hahaha
lol It's cool that your going. Interested in what you will film if you do
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