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Top 10 Lit Songs of 2k16

Heya Fam-

This year has been filled with brilliant comebacks and some awesome debuts. @Helixx here to bring you my Top 10 Dopest Songs of 2016 list.

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10. History - Queen

History released this track back in April of this year and despite going up against hard hitting and more popular groups, they managed to hold their own in a month filled with comebacks.
Queen features some real quirky beats, a hype saxophone riff and some memorable lines like: "Don't touch it, we love it, she's dancing on the floor", "I'm a real freak freak man" and "We a Pacman".

9. B.A.P - Feel So Good

Just like the song's title, this makes me feel so good. The funky arrangement and smooth vocals just make me wanna party it up. I am

8. EXO- Monster

To be honest, I wasn't a fan of Monster when I first heard it. It's the kind of song I needed to hear a few times before I could appreciate it fully. Well, I am in love with it now and here it is on my list of lit af songs.

7. FT Island - Take Me Now

I am so glad FT Island exists. They have some amazing music and Take Me Now completely spoke to me the moment I first heard it. The edgy rock sound really adds an intense quality you don't hear in Kpop every day.

6. BLACKPINK - Boombayah

YG's new girl group has been killing it from the moment they debuted. They were even banned from performing on a few music shows. That can only mean they're doing something right. Boombayah is incredibly catchy and pretty much stays at 100 from beginning to end.

5. Agust D - Agust D

In August, Suga finally released his mixtape and it was so much more than ARMY's could have asked for. With lyrics that every fan could relate to and hard, driving raps Agust D left us craving more of his "Tongue technology".

4. 4MINUTE - Hate

This is one of the most in your face, kiss my ass, F you kind of breakup songs and it is so incredibly satisfying. I could have used this song a few times in past relationships. Sadly 4MINUTE disbanded in June and will no longer be bringing us fierce tracks like this one.

3. Monsta X - Stuck

I had a real hard time choosing between Stuck, All In and Fighter. All three are pretty dope. But after a long consideration process, I settled on Stuck. There is just something about this song that I can't shake. It's intense, it's a little edgy. It kind of makes me want to punch things and it also kind of makes me want to lick Wonho's abs.

2. VIXX - Dynamite

Upbeat and funky, the first installment from VIXX's Conception series is way too much fun not to love. I am huge fan of their dark concepts but this bright dance track makes me happy.

1. BTS - Fire

This song pretty much broke the internet. I was getting ready for work when BigHit released it and I burned a CD of it... the entire CD was just this song over and over. I subjected my co-workers to it in the company vehicle for the entire day. Lucky for them, they also happened to think it was lit af!

There were so many dope tracks released in 2016 that is ward hard to narrow it down to just ten. Here are a few honorable mentions that didn't make the list.

NCT 127 - Firetruck
GOT7- Hard Carry
24K- Still 24K
Boys Republic - Get Down

Which songs made your Top 10 Most Lit Songs of 2016? Let us know in the comments.

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