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KameleonLab_Black Cube House, Wroclaw, Poland

The project demonstrates a total makeover of a typical polish family house from 70s of century.
Clients have bought a site with existing 2 storey small building and their main objective was to make this house almost twice as big, whilst incorporating the old structure of a building and to completely change the elevations.
At the end of a “face lift” old white cube became a “Black Cube”.
Existing house was extended in two directions, towards garden and west site boundary, achieving extra space for a living room on the ground floor and new parents bed room with wardrobe on 1st floor.
The site is located in urbanized city zone in residential area of high density, where achieving privacy, so important for clients, was main project issue.
Following client wish to minimize possible views into the house form outside, front and side elevations have just a minimum number of openings which was compensated by few skylights and 5 meter height channel glass wall lightning up stairs and hallway.
House layout was reorganized to separate diferent zones in very regular mode.
Open plan on the ground floor is dedicated for whole family and their friends, whereas top floor is strictly private with parents rooms on one side of a house and kids in the other.
One of very important aspects of this project was to create smooth transition between house and landscaped area. From the garden side steel frame has been designed surrounding terrace and supporting projected “bedroom box”. This has created another space- somehow enclosed but already in the garden. Steel frame will serve as a construction for timber louvers or textile membranes to maximize privacy and create shade in summer months.
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How refrigerators' technology beneficially evolved?
A few years ago, when I was studying at University; I had to give a presentation on future technologies. While researching the technology I came to know that it will be a total revolution. There was a glimpse that reflected upon me. It enlightened me on the whole. I was fully amazed by its unique features. I saw that gas utilization in the home appliances will be decreased and would be finished to the maximum extent. Stoves would be able to cook the meals without gas; there might be a chance that they won’t need electricity either. There will be a warm glass that could be operated through some alternative energy sources. Then I saw a refrigerator it was collaborating with humans like a robot. But refrigerators are still quite expensive. So, a lot of people prefer to buy a refrigerator on installment. Today I am going to highlight some of the salient features of refrigerators and how they have evolved. My below contents will help you get an overview of this cooling machine. How refrigerators came into our lives? The evolving process of refrigerators Double doors to Smart Refrigerators What is a smart refrigerator? Top brands of smart refrigerators How to buy a smart refrigerator? How refrigerators came into our lives? The first refrigerator was presented for sale in the year 1911. Only the rich Americans were able to purchase it. Other countries were way behind to own it. So, how people were cooling their food before the invention of a fridge? To specifically cover the food with a special form of salt was a routine practice of preserving. We also find the oldest form of the refrigerator in the form of a “Yakhchal”. This was a little house made in the form of a dome. Sometimes, mountains’ ice was used to keep cool the eatables. Or underground water resources and brilliant utilization of wind were adjusted. Hence, clay-made refrigerators came into being. The evolving process of refrigerators The first hit model was made by GE (General Electronics) in the year of 1927. This model sold like a hot cake. Its electric consumption was also quite efficient. It was using only 244 KWHs in a whole year. In 1939, a single cabinet style refrigerator was offering dual functions; a fridge and a freezer simultaneously. As mankind reached the decade of 1950s, a modern form of refrigerators started to hit markets. Now refrigerators had become an indispensable commodity of every house. Kitchens were incomplete if there were no fridges. That was the time when this commodity was still making its mark in the developing countries and continents. For instance, the refrigerator price in Pakistan was still very high at that time. Similarly, a deep freezer price in Pakistan was also not in the range of everyone. The same was happening in almost all of Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Double doors to Smart Refrigerators Let’s jump straight to the 80s. This was the start of a new design for refrigerators. Now manufacturers started to make it sleeker and taller. Now people were wanting to store a large number of dishes and meals in the fridges. Hence, a unique style came into the market. It was a double-door fridge. And it was famous for the term “French Style”. This was also the first time that a water dispenser was engineered in the front door of the fridge. Stainless steel handles also came into the trend. Then we reached towards the modern technologies of fridges. At this stage, manufacturers were looking to make fridges more energy-efficient than ever. What is a smart refrigerator? We have stepped forward to embrace the latest technology refrigerators. And it is a smart fridge indeed. These refrigerators work quite interestingly. To use them is also fun. These refrigerators can be connected to the internet/cloud. Its different features work distinctively. It informs you what is inside the fridge. How much food or drinks have been consumed and how many things are remaining in the fridge. Some smart refrigerators go a step further. They also get connected with your favorite grocery store online. Hence, if milk, butter, eggs, or anything is near to finish, it instantly sends a message to the related shopping store. Hence, you are door delivered the required products. You never feel any need to shop the foodstuffs. The refrigerator does the job on its own. It even sends you an alert if you forget to close the door. Top brands of smart refrigerators Haier, DAWLANCE, and PEL are some of the leading brands of refrigerators. But if you want to buy a smart fridge then I can recommend you to buy LG or Samsung refrigerators. Smart refrigerators offer you a large electronic display. This display comes with a lot of features i.e., yearly calendar, reminders, delicious food recipes, and an additional folder of songs with high-tech speakers. These refrigerators also come with an additional LED screen where you can watch your favorite movies and tv shows. So, I can say the smart fridges have become more than a refrigerator. They have become a friend and companion in the kitchens. How to buy a smart refrigerator? This is the question needed to be answered. It is very difficult for common people to buy a smart fridge. As these are considered luxury products. So, there should be an option to buy a fridge on installment. I feel that everyone should get an opportunity to enjoy the features of the latest technologies. Every product should not be limited to wealthy fellows. Here comes the big role of leasing, financing centers, installment portals, and banks to launch some easy buying programs. So, everyone would able to buy a personal favorite deep-freezer on installment. Sometimes, this factor enrages me. I think it is a negative strategy to keep some products in a privileged range. All people have an equal right to enjoy the modern benefits of technologies. After time-consuming research; I have concluded that buying a fridge on installment is the best way to own it. So, I would suggest you always buy a smart fridge. As they consume less electricity and offer more than old-fashioned fridges. Hence, if you invest heavily in them; you easily save more!
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House upgrade with the best company in town
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