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New York-based British photographer Giles Clarke uncovers the inhumane conditions of El Salvador’s gang prisons in a series he calls Caged In El Salvador. The work, recently published as Vice Magazine’s August cover story, documents the literally ‘caged’ prisoners—30 or more—that are crammed into holding cells the size of a small room. Here Clarke breaks down his experience discovering and shooting the story, a disturbing and powerful one to say the least:
This is heartbreaking. No one should be put through this kind of treatment regardless of what they have done in life.
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I've read a few articles about this now, since many of those imprisoned are members of MS 13 which for anyone who is unaware affects many American high schools, including mine. This kind of treatment is inhuman in my opinion though, even for a violent gang like that.
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At first glance I thought the first photo was of a chicken coop :/
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