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I cannot put in the effort to stan another group......


He's the second one after the dude in the beanie.... The one with wrecker written all over him.
I'm kind of curious about their names......
But y'all know how that goes.... I downloaded the single.... there are 3 songs on it but this song is by far my favorite. ITS SO CATCHY.
Why so many comebacks and debuts I can hardly keep up with the groups I already Stan lol. My wallet isn't ready for all this
I seen some of them from Click My Heart . I can not choose a bias yet. but I am in love with this song and group already
I actually know Cha Ni from watching him in a drama... when he was like 9. 😂 And I also watched 'Click My Heart' with a view of the members in it too! I feel like this is not gonna be an easy road for both of us Erica. Not easy. 😅😅
*smh* Why do we do this to ourselves? I scanned thru their profiles ONCE just to learn ONE name....which is basically signing a death certificate. Rowoon has the same birthday as me.... why did my brain retain that information?? 😦😦😦 It is now forever burned in my brain.
@B0RNHATER What a coincidence that out of 365 days, Rowoon's birthday is on your birthday?! Lol! But what if you fall into a deep hole like you did with KNK?! 😱😅
@StephanieDuong 🙏🙏🙏 I need prayers lol. I can't betray my KNK loves 💕 They're the only 2016 Rookies for me. Ugghh but Rowoon..... whyyyyy?? 😫
I already have a bias!
Me too mine is Rowoon
Mine in Zuho
I'm more freaked out that two of the members have Nebraska sweaters!
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