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💙Anime Mod Team!💙

Hey Vinglers! I just wanted to announce some things that are happening in the Anime Community! First off! The New Anime Mod Support Team!

We have Harem King A.K.A @BlackoutZJ

We have Jumin Han's Wife A.K.A @watermage

We Have Fanatical Demon A.K.A @Tylor619

And We Have Akira A.K.A @alexcattura


The Japanese Anime Community will be having a Super Anime Giveaway Comming Soon! The Giveaway will be announced 3 DAYS before the Giveaway Begins! So if you don't want to miss out on anything Follow My Japanese Anime Community Collection to be updated on any Community Announcements or Fun Games/Challenges or in this case xD Giveaways!

I am still open to looking for new supporters but I already have a few people wanting a spot but since they are all great I will be doing a test of sorts but to make it fair here is what you need to do xD

1.) You need to be an active member of Vingle! ( XD Cant have someone who only comes on 1 time a month) 2.) Be Active with the people here on Vingle! (Talk with fellow Vinglers here! They are fun!) 3.) The most important part is... During the Super Anime Giveaway you (please xD) must have all of the days prompts completed! 4.) Mode of Conversation is Kik! (So if you do become a supporter it would be nice if you have a Kik already) 5.) THE MOST IMPORTANT one of all!! HAVE FUN!! Because in the end having fun together is what this is really about!

Again Super Anime Giveaway coming real soon and if you have any further questions you can comment below or Message me here on Vingle!

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hmm... I think I'll put in a bid to support! Looking forward to a great quarter!
Ooo nice! Thanks for the tag 😊
@AimeBolanos ...I'd ask to be a supporter but for the life of me I cannot keep kik on my phone... plus I kinda talk but I kinda don't... <-<...>->
What if the power goes out because of a hurricane near you 😭😭😭😭
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