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Special Place: A J-Hope fanfic

HELLO GUYS!!!! I'm back and this time I got a fanfic for youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!! I J-HOPE YOU ENJOY IT WITH YOUR FAVORITE ICECREAM!!!
“Come on Yi!!! We’re almost there!!!!” I couldn’t catch my breath, Hobi and I were running to a place where I have no idea what it is!!! He didn’t tell me!!! (Flashback) “YIYI!!”,Hobi seemed excited earlier after dance practice, he came to me when I was cooling done for a little bit. “Yi, I want to go somewhere tonight, CAN YOU TREAT ME!!!” “I don’t know Hobi, I have things to take care of today……” “PLEASEEEEEEEEE. I really want to go, but I don’t want to go alone. Jiminie is going to be working on choreograph. Nammy went to a meeting, VKook are going out for a friend anniversary. Mommy(Jin) is going to work on songs, and Dad(suga) is going to be sleep.” I felt bad for Hobi, when he wants to do something, all the members are either busy, or he is. I’d feel bad if he had to go by himself. “Fine, but we go eat ice cream afterwards, araso???!!” “Ne!!! I'll treat you, promise!!!! Goma woyo Noona!!” He’s so cute when he’s happy                            (End of Flashback) “I’m tire Hobi….,you know I have my limits….” I had to stop walking and slid against a wall to the the ground. Hobi came over to me. “But Noona, you promised……”, he started tearing up, which made me feel really guilty!! “Ok Hobi, let’s keep going…”., I grunted as I tried to get up. “I shouldn’t let you suffer like this…”, he squated down. “Hop on!!!” I was flustered, I know Hobi is fun-loving and generous, but this is just adorable!!! “I dont know, I’ll be fine…” “I insist Noona!!! You said you couldn’t walk anymore, so let me be your legs, I got a nice set of them too!!!” I giggled as I got on. He got up and Started walking. “”You quite heavy Noona” “YA!!” He giggled at my response and I blushed a little more. We made it to the place that Hobi wanted to go to. “YAY!!!, We’re here!!” “What is it?” I had to ask “You’ll see!!” He said smiling “Huh?” We entered the building, there were a lot of arcade games inside. “Is this an old arcade building?” “”Mhm, it’s closed for the night, but I was able to talk to the owner about renting it for the night. I wanted everyone to play them, but their super busy, thank you for coming with me.” “It’s no problem, plus I love playing video games!! Thank you for being my my little Hobi Horse! My legs feel better!” “Ya!!”, I giggled as I got off him. We set up all the games and electricity.We played all the games in the building. It was about 12:00a.m  when we were on the last one. We played Let’s Frickin Dance, and of course Hobi had beat me. “It’s really late horsy, I think we should go home.” “Awww, but please let me treat you to ice cream like I promised, there’s a freezer full of it in the employee’s room.” “Ice Cream…….” I said with sparkles in my eyes. Just hearing the name brings me to the Sweet winter land. “Ok, but only for a few minutes!” “Yes Noona!!”  saluting at me. We went to the back and got ice cream. He got Rocky Road while I got Cookie Dough. It was my favorite moment of my day, well, almost. “Mhmmmmmm, this is awesome!!” the sparkles were still there, sparkling brighter than ever. “ got ice cream on your lip!!” “SHUT UP!!” “Here let me get it off..” He leaned really close to my face...and kissed me!!!! It was just a small peak, but it was still surprising. I sat there with my eyes wide open. “What...I got it off” He smiling. “H..HOBI!!!” “You taste sweeter than the ice cream Noona..” “Hajima Hobi!!!!” He giggled at me. “W...why did you do that!!” He straightened himself up and looked at me very seriously. “I think it’s obvious of the answer, but if you don’t know..i’ll tell you” He had some trouble getting his words prepared, like he was in trouble for doing something. “”Noona...I...I’ve loved you ever since your debut to us…..and…. Still love you…..”, Hobi was completely red, by blushing too hard. He looked down, like a little kid being scolded, waiting for an answer. I gently pulled his chin to look at me, and I smiled. He knew that he didn’t have to say anything else, he pushed himself closer to my face and kissed me again...this time, I wasn’t surprised and kissed him back. That...was my favorite moment of the day.
J-HOPE U GUYS LIKED IT!!!! I will try to make more fanfics...I'm actually working on 3 at the moment..two on wattpad that I will put on vingle also..and then another short fanfic... please give me suggestions on who I should do...and i'll try my best!! Aanyeong!!! BTW..I have no idea what flavored ice cream hobi I just put a random flavor....OK!!!
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