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DID Theory: Run Japanese Version

So this is going to be a series of cards on what my sister @BrennaTran and I realized after watching the most recent wings video Awake. There is so much information to this that we are going to have to make 5 or 6 cards in order to hit everything.
If you would like to be tagged or untagged in future cards please let me know.
As well as if you have any questions or see any holes in our theory please let us know we’d love to try to answer them in future cards.
One of the biggest debates is what is the order of the videos from the HYYH era. The order that we have come up with is Prologue, I Need U, and Run. We’ll also touch on some other videos in later cards but for now we’re focusing on the big 3.
Due to how much information each of these videos gives we’re going to put them all in their own card.
All other cards linked HERE
**As a side note my sister and I have started reading Demian. Yeah we enjoy figuring out the theory that much….anyway reading the book may cause some changes to our theory.
The very first thing of note with this M/V is that when it opens up it’s like an eye is opening. Very possibly a hint to Jin waking up.
We first see Rap Monster in a phone booth and he immediately drops the phone. This most likely represents the other personalities calling for help from the heart and responsibility but most likely the fear takes over and keeps him from helping.
We get a glimpse of Jin and like in the Korean version he looks lost, confused and worried. Most likely about how he’s going to take his mind back.
We find V in a room filled with water. This is a sign that he has caused the personalities an overflow of pain. On the wall behind him it says “While the mark of a mature man is that he wants to live.” We think that this statement has to do with Jin. In order for him to shed the personalities he must grow up and face the darkness and consequences.
We find Suga surrounded by a broken mirror. This is a sign that depression has done the most damage to the soul. We see him pick up a piece of the mirror and look at it.To us it seemed like he recongized the damage he was doing but he soon throws the piece down causing it to shatter even more.
We see several clips of Jimin in a fish tank drowning in the pain. At a certain point he starts struggling and fighting back trying to escape the pain he’s been forced into.
JHope is seen in a room full of feathers. We have decided that the feathers represent the coming release of the personalities and Jin gaining control. JHope will most likely be the first personality Jin gains control of.
“Youth is never coming back,” this is seen written on the wall of V’s room. In order for Jin to gain control he must mature and grow into an adult. This message is a message to Jin that once he lets go of his youth and childishness he will never have it again.
There is a butterfly on the wall of Jin’s room most likely a sign that Eva is gone but Jin is still looking for her. He’s most likely afraid to face it all on his own and feels he needs help.
Next we see Jungkook drop something to the floor. We honestly don’t know what it is so we’re fully guessing but we think it might be what is left of the petals he burns in the Japanese I Need U video. Possibly showing the beginning of the end for the personalities.
Then another example of “Youth is not coming back,” behind Jimin on the fish tank.
So to best understand the two Run music videos we think of the Korean version as the personalities revolting against Jin waking up. While the Japanese one is the opposite. It’s more Jin trying to come to terms with what he needs to do in order to take back his mind.
This is all just our opinion and what my sister and I gathered from watching the videos.
We do not own any of these pictures nor claim to. We hope to have the next card out soon.
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