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I took a ridiculously hard MCR fan quiz and TOTALLY FAILED.

I don't know who I am anymore!

Take the quiz HERE and let me know how you did!

Not sure if there are any My Chem fans here but just thought I'd post this for fun^^

Tagging some people I think are MCR fans^^ @jaebumbae @SugaKookieV @FalseLove @Saeda1320 @megancurrent9 @LemonLassie
I got 46% but if I were to take this quiz back in middle school I'm sure I would've gotten 100 haha I was super obsessed and still have all my collectibles in boxes haha
Well, I could have done worse... 😢 (I was in the 60-69% range.)
Way better than me!!!!
@EverieMisfit right!? I was so shocked that i didnt get 100% HAHAHAHA
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My friend and I always quote the "this sh** is easy peasy pumpkins peasy, pumpkin pie mother f***er" haha and the whole Gerard talking about how he killed so many plants haha
@Saeda1320 seriously i've been listening to three cheers on loop!
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