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Qi Yi is an investor who returns from overseas and buys a small marketing design firm and a historic home. But home’s tenant, Liang Liang, refuses to move out. Yi discovers that she also works for his new company. But will she be just as obstinate in following his new eccentric company rules?
for me.. they were great and the story is awesome...
right.. that's the way of loving... a had watched a lot of kdramas where they hurt their love one for their own good... a really stupid way of loving...
Yeah u r right if u love someone u should support not hurt so selfish.
yeah... i like how he treats his ex... that's good for her and she deserves it... and her reason for leaving him was just too shallow that i want to slap her on her face.. how could she leave him like that and now she's saying that she still loves him, that it's because she loves him so much that's why she left... stupid reasoning... stupid girl..
@nylamrehs oh oh sorry friend I got it wrong he support her to love the boss. Good that I don't want him hurt. And love computation between girls that's enough. No mercy for ex. Girl
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