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 Cast: Gong Yoo as Seo Yoon Jae Lee Min Jung as Kil Da Ran Shin Won Ho as Kang Kyung Joon Suzy (Miss A) as Jang Ma Ri Jang Hee Jin as Lee Se Young Ep 1: Kyung Joon woke up and he realized that he is still inside Yoon Jae's body. Da Ran took him to hospital to get examined more. He said, it's useless. He knows for sure that his body is swapped with Yoon Jae. He used two glasses and two robots to explain it to Da Ran. Kyung Joon wanted to drink Coke, but Da Ran didn't let him to. She said, while he is still using Yoon Jae's body, he has to make sure that he won't harm his body with useless food. HAHAHA. And then, Da Ran called Kyung Joon's uncle to check whether Yoon Jae (in Kyung Joon's body) is doing OK. They already moved him to a hospital in Seoul, and they promised to let her know if there is a good news about him. The next scene is Kyung Joon in his childhood bed. He is sooo happy because now he doesn't need to go to school!! (remember, he is in Yoon Jae's body!) Meanwhile, Da Ran went to the hospital and visit Yoon Jae who are still in coma.She hold his hand and cried, and her memory flashed back to their date long time ago. She said that his hand was so warm. Awwww. The next scene is Da Ran's parents talking about their future son in law (Yoon Jae) while making dumplings. They wanted to invite him to come over to their house, and they wanted to cook him some eel hahaha (i guess for the stamina). The next day, everyone was in the school. Suddenly, Yoon Jae came rushing to Da Ran, he got off from the taxi, and asked for money from Da Ran. He looked so painful and itchy. It seems that he's having some kind of allergy (that Yoon Jae's body has) and while Da Ran was checking his body, the school principal and the fellow teacher saw what they did and they got misunderstood. I feel bad that Da Ran was really embarassed about that and she need to apologize in the office :( Afterwards, Da Ran gave some allowance to Yoon Jae (I will call Kyung Joon Yoon Jae from now on coz i'm afraid this will confuse you all). Da Ran is really sad because Yoon Jae used to have good impression and reputation among her fellow teachers, but because of his action today, everything was ruined. Yoon Jae went back to the hospital because he was curious about Kyung Joon. But guess who's there?!! It's his future father in law!!! He kept calling him Yoon Jae, but of course he ignored him!!! You all should look at the father's face!! He was so shocked!! He called Da Ran after that. He was only trying to give some eels dumplings to Yoon Jae in the hospital! Poor dad!! Her dad called Da Ran, and she rushed herself to the hospital. Chung Sik kept calling her, but she ignored him! Meanwhile in hospital, Yoon Jae felt weird because everyone in the hospital seems to know him and greet him. He found out that he is the model of the hospital poster and he was really shocked! He wanted to leave the place, but he bumped into Se Young (who is apparently his ex) and his fellow doctor. They asked him whether he is fine, and he said that he got some food poisoning from eating mushrooms. That Se Young was trying to touch him all over!!! Arrgghh! He asked him whether he is OK. But later, luckily, Da Ran came. Da Ran forced Yoon Jae to wear the doctor robe. She said that he looks like real Yoon Jae when he wear that robe. She seized hid hand, and said that he is not real Yoon Jae, because Yoon Jae's hands are really warm. Suddenly he felt and remembered something during the accident. He said, "I grabbed Yoon Jae's hand." So they went to Kyung Joon's room and she asked him to grab his hand once again. There was silence for a while... and suddenly Yoon Jae said," Da Ran ssi, it's me. I will tell you the words that you wanted to hear." Da Ran's expectation was really high~ (Maybe she was hoping that Yoon Jae will say that he love her). But what comes out from his mouth is: bbuing bbuing!!! HAHAHAHAHA this is just hillarious!! Da Ran was upset about him fooling around, so she cried and left. Later, Kyung Joon's uncle and aunt entered the room and asked him what will happen with Kyung Joon. The aunt was taking out Kyung Joon's stuffs from the basket, and she was kinda like throwing them all over. She saw Kyung Joon's wallet, and (I can't believe) that she took the money inside! She just want his money TT He was really sad, and both of them went outside the hospital. They were arguing, and Chung Sik was there!! He was surprised about how they fight. He called him "brother-in-law" but Yoon Jae said, "I'm not your brother in law!! Stupid!!" AHAHAHHA He went to a drink vending machine, and he remembered that Da Ran told him not to drink soda. But he was upset, and he got the coke, and he finished the coke in 3 seconds!! HAHAHA. He went back to his home and he found his wallet (with the angel picture inside) and also a dumpling packaging box. From the name, he can tell that it's from Da Ran's family hahaha. He went to find the dumpling restaurant, and he bumped into his "mother-in-law". She told him to come in, and he found Da Ran is inside. So he finally knew!!! That's the family!! WOW he is really fast in looking the situation! He finally greet them properly. Both her brother and her dad felt weird about what his suddenly changed attitude, but he said he was joking!! His dad said he wanted to have a drink with the son-in-law, so Chung Sik went to get the Soju for them. Dad and Yoon Jae sit next to each other..awkwardly~ The dad saw that Yoon Jae is not wearing any socks, so he even offered him some socks to wear haha. (I think some elders are still being conservative about not-to-show-your-toe thing in front of them). The dad showed him his stone collection, and there were 4 stones there, representing the family member. He said that there will be a space for him too since now Yoon Jae is a part of the family. They are having dinner now, and the dad offered beer to him. Yoon Jae wanted to drink, but Da Ran didn't let him drink and she drank it all (Hey Kyung Joon!! you are still underage!! ahahahaha). After dinner, she walked Yoon Jae home. She said, sorry for making him act as her fiancee and thank him for that. He just simply showed his wallet and told her, "if you are thankful, just make sure that you fill in some money in my wallet!" Meanwhile, Da Ran parents think that somehow Yoon Jae has changed, so they even love him more now. They are now in real Yoon Jae's apartment. He was changing his clothes and Da Ran unintentionally saw it. He was surprised that Da Ran and Yoon Jae hasn't slept together even though they were going to get married. He kept showing his chocolate packs to Da Ran and teased her all around. Da Ran said that Yoon Jae usually exercises 2 hours a day to make that chocolate abs. Yoon Jae got curious, about what she wanted to hear from Yoon Jae before the accident. She said, "I just want to know if he loves me or not." The Yoon Jae standing in front of her said, "I love you." I can't believe Da Ran still fell for that words, even though its Kyung Joon who said that. She showed some clothes that will suit Yoon Jae, and when he was trying some, he found a house key. Da Ran thought it's the key for they newly wed house (i think it's Se Young's key????) Suddenly a call came, and it was Se Young. She was worried about him. She said she will go to his house to bring his stuffs from the hospital. He went downstairs and met Se Young. Se Young suddenly run into him, hugged him, and said, "I love you." But Oh Oh...Da Ran was there..... He said, "Yoon jerk..." And this episode stopped here. 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I feel KJ became more cheerful in SJ's body. Does anyone also think the same?
@gyeh11 well well we can smell something fishy for sure, because he kept a house key (which i guess belong to se young) and he was hesitant about his marriage with Da Ran, he didnt even send out the wedding invitation !
eeepp! GY's a cheater? maldo andwae!
thank you very much for taking the time to make a more detailed recap. i really appreciate it.
@tiffielove yes both of them are still alive, but Yoon Jae's soul (in Kyung Joon's body) is in coma now :(
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