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From London to Korea Pt 9

Hey guys! I'm so sorry I couldn't get this part out to you last week, but school, sports and personal life has been kicking my butt. Hopefully this won't happen again, but I made this part longer to try and make up for it, even a little bit. And quick shout out to @JaxomB for the janitor idea! Now let's get this chapter going!


I began training the second I signed, and Jung Nam left to go do whatever he needs to do. Lucky for me, I began working with Krista, who didn’t push my hip hop too much. It was all technique work.
“How many styles do you know?” Krista looked at me expectantly.
“Um, I think it’s six or seven? Not entirely sure.”
“Name them for me.”
“Kick, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, tap, and ballet I think.”
“You sound a lot like me. We’re going to work form with all styles, and, to ensure you don’t forget any of them because the higher ups want you to know many styles to help with fan pull, we will work you once or twice a week on everything. Eventually, you will learn routines to do with backup dancers and possibly your group-mates if they know the style. Got all that?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“And one last thing before we start working. Remember to never call me ma’am, just stick to Krista or whatever nicknames come up.”
“Ok, that’s fair.”
“Now, let’s begin with kick, since you sound the most confident about that.”
When we began, it was across the floor kicks, and my nerves kept me from doing what I can do. Thankfully, Krista gave me three tries on everything to get my nerves out and show her what I can really do. I thought I was good, but boy was I wrong.
“Carrie, you’re slouching. Present yourself. Roll those shoulders back, engage your core, keep that chin up. No slouching is acceptable. I don’t care what you did back home on your competitive teams, but you are now an Idol and will work like you are the best. And to do that, you will do all of that again.”
I think we spent about an hour working just kick, with maybe one or two water breaks.
“Ok, you’ve made some progress. Not much, but you were already further than most trainees. How long have you been doing kick?”
“Erm, as long as I can remember? I can’t remember when I started. Maybe 5 years old?”
“So 11 years. Explains a lot. Now jazz.”
Jazz was something else, and did not go smoothly. My basic leaps are decent, turns are ok, and everything else was poor. I have never been into jazz, but did it anyways because it helped some moves in kick.
We worked the rest of the morning on jazz, because I severely lacked skills.
“I think we’ll stop here for lunch. When we resume, let’s move on to tap. Do you have your shoes with you?”
“I didn’t think this would happen, so I only have tennis and jazz shoes.”
“Okay, tell me your size and measurements and I’ll go grab you a spare pair to practice in.”
Krista left, to go grab a pair of shoes and her lunch while I sat down and began to eat mine. I thought I was alone, but I was so wrong.
“What are YOU doing in here? Shouldn’t you be sitting at home, crying your eyes out because you failed?”
Are you kidding me? Marlene, again?
“No, things had gone a different way for me, Marlene.” Looking up, I saw she was in a uniform that looks really similar to a school janitor’s and had the equipment with her. Joy arose in me, because she had it coming. “But looks like you worked something out. How’s it going for you?”
“Drop the politeness. I’m only doing this to get back at you and be signed into your group. You used me to get to the top. You are nothing but a two-faced liar who destroys others to get what she wants.”
“Marlene, you may want to think about what you just said. Think about it, and think about yourself. Because I know someone who fits that description.”
By this time, Krista was back and standing outside the window. We made eye-contact, and she asked if I needed help. I tried to tell her no with Marlene watching me, and could only hope she understood what I was saying. Thankfully, she did.
“What? Who do you think that could be? Cause it sure as hell ain’t me.”
Standing up to try to intimidate her, I replied, “be careful what you say, it could be the end of you.” I felt terrible for using my new trainee-status to threaten her, but it was all I had against her. “And will you just leave me alone? I wasn’t the one who did anything to you. You made those choices, and now you have to live with the consequences.”
“I’ll show you consequences.” With that remark hanging in the air, she grab the closest thing to her which was a broom and swung it at me. I grabbed onto it, trying to stop her from pushing me against the wall. She kicked at my hip, and I put my foot out to stop her. This distracted Marlene, likely because no one has fought back at her. Using this distraction, I pushed back at her and had gained control. Her face had a look of shock the entire time, and I only got a good glimpse of it when she was against the wall with the broom handle against her neck.
“I suggest you grab your cart of tools, turn around, and leave the second I let you go. And stay away from me.”
Watching a terrified Marlene do as I say put the biggest grin on my face. I felt evil, but sometimes you gotta do it.
Once Marlene was gone, I turned around and the smile quickly left my face. Jung Nam was chewing Krista out, all because I told her to stay outside! Running out to her, I threw myself in between the pair.
“Please! Don’t yell at her! I was the one who told her to stay out. There was some unfinished things with Marlene.”
“Carrie, never, and I will repeat, NEVER do that again. We are responsible for you until you debut, and until then you will not talk to her without Krista or myself present.”
Feeling ashamed by my actions, I looked down, “yes sir.”
“Good. Now that that’s taken care of, go finish your practice and I will see you tomorrow to go to the airport.”
Hope you liked it!
Love you guys! ~Elayne
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