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EXO First Sub Unit Confirmed

OMG GUYS IM JUST AS EXITED AS Y I U ALL ARE LIKE OMO UGH MY HEART CANT TAKE THIS MUCH HOTNESS K lol ill calm down soon but yes its true sub unit✌ so yea lol lets get right to it
Rumors have been heavily circling the internet the past few weeks concerning the unit, which has finally been confirmed. Near the end of October, members Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin will be working together to promote as a unit, according to officials on October 5th. It is additionally being reported that they are set to film their title track’s music video this week. During EXO’s concert, the trio had previously teased fans about the unit with a short video under the name “Reservoir Idols,” though not confirming or denying any of the assumptions.
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