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DID Theory Announcement

Hello BTS theory readers!! So I wanted to put out a quick announcement so all of you know what to expect. At the moment I am currently working on the Wing short film videos and plan on making a card for the new comeback Blood Sweat and Tears when it comes out as well. I was wanting all of you to know that these are in the works because it may take me a bit to get the Wings short film cards out. I pretty much have to make them all at the same time to make sure I haven't missed anything because they all intertwine and that's going to take me a while.
So if there is a big gap between my cards that's why. I promise they're coming!!!
Also because my sister, @BrennaTran and I are now reading Demian we are planning on making a card purely on how the book connects to the theory as well. So please bear with us! We appreciate it!!!
PS if you haven't read the theory cards I have done so far they're all linked HERE now's the time to catch up!!
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