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Unusual Cosmetic Procedures Koreans Do

Many stars in any country undergo the knife for cosmetic reasons. Higher cheek bones, bigger eyes, fuller lips. But there's quite a few procedures not many people know about, but Idols are rumored to get done all the time. Here are a few of the more unusual ones.
Armpit Botox
Never have sweaty pits again? Sign me up! Doctors inject botox under the arms to clog the cells that produce sweat. Not using deodorant for 2 months would be lovely.
Hybrid Breast Filler, a.k.a Boob Shots
Idols who want fans thinking they got surgery but want to push breast size during lengthy promotions can get these shots to push cup size for those lengthy promotions, but for a limited time.
Leg Shots
To fit into a Barbie Girl profile but on a hard schedule, this helps greatly. Though it sounds weird, the shots keep wrinkles off of legs and keep the legs looking strong, thin, and stage-ready. Just add oil for shine. Many think Girl's Gen and Krystal of f(x) have done this before.
Aegyo Sal
Aegyo Sal is that cute bit of baby fat under the eyes. Doctors inject fillers under the eye to create the super cute look. It also helps fight nasty crows feet.
Smile Lift
This is probably one of the weirder procedures, but it's important to put a smile on a pretty face. It involves cutting and lifting the corners of the mouth to create a more natural looking smile. Shin Min Ah most likely has undergone this procedure.
Hairline Correction
Not just for those who are balding anymore. many get it done to bring that receding hairline back, create more room for bangs, or the get a prettier hairline. It isn't technically plastic surgery, but still considered cosmetic enhancement. Some want to remove hair while others would tattoo their hairline. Suzy of Miss A is one of the many Idols fans believe have gotten this done.
Forehead Augmentation
Implants are added to the forehead to make it appear larger, smaller, rounder, and even smoother. Something I want to get done. Actress Kim Tae Hee is suspected of this.
Rib Cage Shaving
Sounds terrifying, personally. But forget using corsets and waist trainers! Just remove the rib entirely! Lee Soo Min of C.I.V.A revealed on an episode of 'Taxi' that many fans have accused her of undergoing this procedure.
Ab Etching
women aren't the only ones who go under the knife, men do to. If abs look like flab, guys can go to doctors to make them look sharper than ever.
Double Jaw Surgery
Happens in more countries than just South Korea, usually for medical reasons. This is a very dangerous procedure, since it involves taking out your whole jaw, cut chunks out of it, then bind it back together for a slimmer look. YoonA is suspected of this. One clinic likes to to collect the parts they take out of jaws to make a Tower of Bones. Most likely to show how many procedures they've done, since it is so dangerous.

What do you guys think?

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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I understand that these are celebrities and all, but are they not happy with how they look. I mean shouldn't you have with who you are whether you are famous or not.
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