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Singer Kim Hyun Joong will release his new single in Japan. On June 5, Kim’s agency, Keyeast, said that Kim will release his second Japanese single album Heat on July 4. The single will include two songs “Heat” and “Let’s Party.” Kim showed off his soft image through his Japanese debut album, which was released in January. But this time, he will show off powerful charisma as a tough man. He is planning to perform live in Saitama, Japan on July 14 and 15 to celebrate the release of his second single album. At the July 14 live concert, Kim will collaborate with popular Japanese musician Naoto Intiraymi and emcee the ‘Double Fantasy Star-Great Assist.’ The two stars have known each other since when Kim visited Japan to appear in a goodwill soccer match. Kim will hold his exclusive live concert ‘Kim Hyun Joong Heat 2012 in Japan’ for free on July 15. He will give splendid performances and have a great time with over 32,000 fans. Kim held fan meetings in Chengdu and Guangzhou, China on June 1. He will also hold another fan meeting in Shanghai, China on June 9. Source: STARNEWS