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Mystic takes my campus too...

And also that's my Flareon and my Victreebell @christilovelive
My catches here: this was while the 3rd party maps were up obviously RIP but the Cloyster and Ninetales were caught here and the venusaur down the road at the gas station! Pro tip: CHECK YOUR POKÉMON GO AT GAS STATIONS!
See I had the joy of leveling up with my fellow players and competitors so it was fair cause we were all noobs haha but it's hard starting off at this point
@TreverMoon at my school we mainly get weedles, Radata, and Caterpie. love in a while a good one will pop up
You're just starting or?
@TreverMoon I'm still level 10 with my highest 601 is Pokèmon and I almost took the gym but I died
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