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With the recent news of Lay’s sudden fainting at the Incheon airport, SM Entertainment has released an official update on the EXO member. On October 11, SM Entertainment stated, “Lay momentarily fainted due to a lack of sleep. According to the doctor, he will be fine after getting plenty of rest. Lay will be returning to the dorm in order to get some rest.” Lay had originally planned to travel to Japan for EXO’s upcoming solo concert, when he suddenly fainted before boarding. In regards to the EXO concert on October 12 and 13, SM Entertainment stated, “He has a strong intent on joining the concert, so we plan to make the final decision after checking his condition.” Poor Lay! Let's hope he gets well soon! Thank goodness SM is letting him rest. Any negative comments will be deleted.
He's finally finished filming the drama he was was a good 45 or 46 episodes. Oh, if you haven't seen it, it's very good. It's like a Chinese cross of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. Poor baby needs some sleep...but if everyone is out of the dorm, he probably won't get much.
I'll have to check that out
I hope he gets better soon! <3
I really need my hunni bunni to rest and get better!!!!!