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Are you omg. Why does.... ugh my life why im an Amry and EXO-L
In an article that talks about Lay losing consciousness and being rushed to a hospital, have comments like the following: "I love BTS," "This is a funny article. BTS is the best," "Don't pretend to be sick, Lay. Rap Monster performed with a fever. You're not a true singer," "He's getting ready to leave EXO," "Thank God, this didn't happen to BTS," and more. As an EXO-L that hurts a lot. EXO has been through enough and same with EXOLs and to be completely honest, its just not right. I hate SM as much as all of you people lol but still this is just wrong doings. As an Amry I feel odd just talking about this omo. I cant so ah heres some more comments from Armys
"I hate K-POP idols, but I like that BTS doesn't have any Chinese members," "BTS broke EXO's record. 10M in one day. Only other person who could do this was PSY," and, "EXO-Ls must be stressed right now. Please listen to 'Blood, Sweat & Tears.'" Ok thats all. I hope you all enjoyed the read. Please check out my other cards like EXOs new and very firdt Sub Unit and also some info about YG Artists and YG himself like did you know Papa YG and his friends were arrested when they were teens or Minzi wasnt supposed to debut with 2NE1.
it's stuff like this that makes me ashamed to be called an exo-l and army....why can't we all get along??
its sad to see. Armys are a great fandom. but thoes few who make a bad name for those who support others no matter what. same goes for Exo-l and other fandoms that start stuff. its really sad. i would wish that someone would ever perform sick. i wish that Rap Mon didnt perform like that. he could have gotten worse. but they do and then they pass out or get hurt. then the fans cry and bi**h about it.
Yea I saw this all over my media site and yea it pissed me off that people would sink so low. But I'm not here for the fandoms I'm here to listen to these groups give it their all. The music is what they work hard for and all kpop groups give it everything they have.
Good gosh...This is just sad and pathetic, I don't even call myself an army, a starlight or any other fandom name because a group chunk of people just freaking ruin things. Why do people open their mouths, when nothing ever good comes out of it??
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dont forget there a bunch of other fandoms that r really good.
This actually offended me like who does this? It's just wrong馃槥 Can't anybody at least show a tiny bit of sympathy or care for him whether he's well or not well? He's a human being too and I'm sure anybody would want at least someone to care about them when they're not feeling well. I hope he doesn't let things like this get in the way of his recovery which I hope happens soon
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