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Please visit this looovely blog for the recipe and more! From the site: "It’s summer and I’m sure the most of you are thinking chocolate is just too damn thick for this heat. Yes, I feel ya, that’s why I made it a chocolate and Biscoff cupcake with booze. The chocolate cupcake has Kahlua in it and the marbled fluff you see is a Biscoff frosting marbled with chocolate ganache. Then of course you know me and my heavy hand, I had to drizzle it with chocolate ganache and step it up another notch with some Skor shards and crumbles for added texture."
@christy Good! Try to relax and not stress out too much. :)
@YinofYang ohh thanks me to. I'll make sure to have one next free day
@PaulLim @MasriDaniela No doubt. This looks like a recipe that needs to be moved up on my list of things to make. @christy Awww, well I hope you get to eat a little bit of desserts anyway.
Ohhh I am so stressed this days and need this yummy desert but what can I do of my diet
hmmm *#*kill meeee
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