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This was a really cool article by Julie from The Little Kitchen. There's much more at her site! "In June, we were invited to attend the grand opening of the Shuttle Atlantis exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. I don’t have to prove what a nerd I am, right? The shuttle program and the Space Coast has been near and dear to my heart since I was a kid. When I was a kid attending elementary school in the Orlando area, whenever there was a shuttle launch, our teachers would take us out to the bus loop or an open field in a single file line and we got to watch the shuttle launch. Years later, when I moved to the Space Coast, I could see day and night launches right from my backyard or the balcony at my office. The sense of awe and wonder was always there along with a sense of pride. I was fortunate to be able to see two shuttle launches up close at Kennedy Space Center, one in November 2009, the STS-129 mission which was the Shuttle Atlantis and a NASA Tweetup for the STS-134 mission which was Shuttle Endeavour. There’s nothing like being able to witness a shuttle or rocket launch as close as they let you (which is a few miles away for safety reasons). The delay in the sounds you hear and the roar in your chest fills you with pride. What you’re witnessing is, a vehicle crafted by humans getting ready to launch into space and as an American, I would feel proud for our space agency and proud of the accomplishments of our astronauts."
@curtisb Sure thing. :-) I hope you'll still be a Vingler then.
Let me know when you do!
@curtisb No, unfortunately not. These are the pictures of a blogger who attended. I actually plan on going to see this next year.
wow, did you go