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I'm back. So let's reconnect no matter how hard it may seem inside of you to express yourself once more. 😌

Because believe me, even now, 4 years after graduating high school... becoming a hikikamori, anti-social, hella weird, dark, lonely, faaaarr more perverted than I was. (learning to control that side, and it's a HUGE. FUCKING. STRUGGLE.) and since closing parts of my heart and brain that keep me from going my full potential in anything. I want to be able to freely talk these things so I can break these damn wall and break my heavy dirty soul. Needing to be saved so I can become my new, true self.
Add me on SC you guys. ✌
any of you guys have overwatch?
I am interested in seeing it haha
sounds good. but I'll make some from playing xbox
If you download steam, i think they have a screen recorder for free. if not, look up mobizen, i think they do. for cell too.
i dont xbox xD. But we dont have to live stream xD we can just record and edit later. Mmm...so you have a pc, which is awesommeee... for you pc mic, get Audacity so you can edit the sound afterwards (get rid of background noise)... for video editing, use windows movie maker for simple stuff. for flashy stuff, use a usb, move the video to your cell phone, and use free editing software apps. or find some free apps online :p
Mad skills @MadHouseRomance Very nice Intel on acquiring targets! ✌
...editing...software is free...and....stuff...like...pewdiepie literally started out with just a laptop i thinks